Total Gym Challenge Episode 5 : “The Final Workout”

Total Gym Challenge Episode 5:
“The Final Workout”

The Total Gym Challenge continues with Episode 5 “The Final Workout” exclusively on Total Gym Pulse! In this segment, fitness trainer Rosalie Brown leads the group of 14 through the last of their 14 workouts. It’s been three weeks and Rosalie says the group looks younger, leaner, stronger and the is feeling great. The Total Gym has the power to energize your entire body!

Total Gym Challenge for weight loss!

The workout begins by the group going through “One Legged Squat Jumps.” This is a great way to get an effective burn in the quadriceps and buttocks which are key in burnin calories. In addition, the group is also getting a cardio workout by moving up and down.

Total Gym Challenge Trainer Rosalie Brown

As the group continues the workout Rosalie tells them why she loves the Total Gym so much as a fitness trainer. She is able to motivate and doesn’t have to correct users on form because the machine keeps your body in perfect position automatically whether it’s the 1st rep or the last. Rosalie also tells the group to imagine how much space they would need if all the different exercises they were doing were on separate machines. You would need a cardio machine like as a treadmill, a squat machine, pullup machine, bicep machine, back machine, inner thigh machine and more!

So many fitness programs say you’re going to “feel better” but as Rosalie points out there is nothing that can motivate you like RESULTS. She asks the group if they have gotten results while using The Total Gym and they all respond with an enthusiastic “YES!” The episode ends showing a variety of different exercises which complete the 14 day workout.

Total Gym Challenge group exercise

It’s been a great journey over the past few weeks following the group in The Total Gym Challenge. After 14 workouts the group is looking good and feeling great. Be sure to tune in this Thursday August 28th for Episode 6 of the challenge to see the group’s final results exclusively on Total Gym Pulse.


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  1. looking forward with the final results. Started the challenge myself this past Monday

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