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The Top 10 Health and Fitness Apps

Fitness Apps
Fitness apps used to make me nervous, how embarrassing! I mean, who hasn’t seen a kiddo barely past the toddler phase commandeering an app like it’s second nature? I realized I needed to conquer my fear and enter the twenty-first century, in the name of health and wellness innovation. Come to find out, fitness apps aren’t scary. At all. They can actually be your best friends. Low-cost and often free, easy to navigate for even the least tech-savvy; these tools can make achieving your health and wellness goals a whole lot easier. Check out the list below for fitness apps compatible with Apple and/or Android. Keep track of workout and diet progress, find local classes, make time for mental health, and so much more!

Top 10 Health and Fitness Apps

1. FitnessFast:

Keeping a fitness journal is key to a successful health and wellness plan. FitnessFast makes logging your progress convenient, without having to keep track of a physical journal. Track everything from workout, to diet, to sleep patterns, and more. $1.99, Apple.

2. DailyBurn:

This exercise app provides a library of fitness videos across workout genre and skill level. Stream workouts to your phone, and access expert fitness trainers at your convenience. $10/month, Apple / Android.

3. Moves:

A convenient pedometer app to track miles walked, ran, or biked. Moves helps users track calories burned and maps daily activities, Free, Apple / Android.

4. Nike Training Club:

This exercise app asks you to set a goal, customizes a workout to your skill level, and tracks your progress. It’s like having a personal trainer, in your phone. Free, Apple / Android.

5. MyFitnessPal:

This popular calorie-counter app allows you to set a calorie goal, and helps you stick to it. Record daily food and exercise for healthy weight loss and maintenance. Free, Apple / Android.

6. Fooducate:

Make the most informed food choices at the grocery store. Scan barcodes using your phone, and this app will analyze data to assign the product a letter grade, highlighting notable health information. It will even suggest healthier alternatives. Free, Apple / Android.

7. Eat Local:

Variants like season and travel can make convenience take precedence over eating right. This app takes the guesswork out of sourcing fresh, local produce, and suggests healthy recipes. Free, Apple.

8. Calm:

Health and wellness is not all about exercise; it’s vital to take care of body AND mind. Making time for relaxation is made easier with this fitness app. Set a guided relaxation session for even as little as two minutes, and bring a bit of Zen into your daily routine. Free, Apple.

9. Fig:

A holistic approach to the health and wellness app. Choose from a collection of diverse goals to create your personalized plan; everything from drinking more water, to taking the stairs! Share progress with a community that has common interests. Free, Apple / Android.

10. Sportaneous:

Access schedules for local fitness classes with this app, perfect for when you are traveling or want to try something new. Free, Apple.

What’s your favorite fitness app? Tell us below!

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  1. Why doesn’t Total gym have an app with workout videos we can have on our devices? DVDs are so 1990’s! Please create an app that we can download and keep updated with all the Total Gym workouts!

  2. I think there should be instructional downloads for free to make sure u r exercising right usein total gym like for instance my friend moved and she couldn’t take her total gym but its a older version of one for muscle rehabilitation and work out with so I think deff a free download file of basic exercises should be available not everyone has 45.00 to 50.00 for a DVD

  3. Please make an app to log TG workouts. I use Samsung Health but have tried others. None give you the range of exercises in order to log reps. I would use a separate app for that.

    1. Pen and paper works 🙂

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