A Blood-Pumping Cardiovascular Workout Using The Total Gym!

Cardiovascular Workout Using The Total Gym

When you hear someone talking about a cardiovascular workout you probably think about running on a treadmill, jogging outside or participating in any sport that gives you a great aerobic exercise. However, there is another piece of equipment that is capable of giving you an amazing cardiovascular workout, the Total Gym.

John Carleo Cardio Workout on the Total Gym

Joining us again on Total Gym Pulse is John Carleo, here to show us that the Total Gym not only can develop your strength and build up your muscles, but it can also get your heart pumping as well. Cardiovascular exercises are important as they keep your heart and respiratory system in good working condition.

John starts by sitting on the top edge of the board with both cables in hand. .He is also using the wing attachment. He then puts his ankles up on the pads located near the top of The Total Gym and bends his knees slightly. To begin this exercise, use your arms to keep tension on the cables and bend your knees.


Lift yourself up with your knees, lift the cables above your head and come back down. Do 8 reps and be sure to keep your knees bent the entire time to prevent injury. From here, do the same motion except move your arms out instead of up. Do a set of 8 and transition to a set of 8 moving your arms down. John says an easy way to remember this is by calling this sequence “Up, Out and Down.” Remember the legs are doing all the work and the arms are simply keeping tension on the cables.




Moving on John moves into a Bicep Curl facing his palms up. He then turns his hands over and demonstrates a Reverse Curl, finally ending with a High Pull. Again, start this workout by doing sets of 8.




John says doing 8 reps of these six different cardio exercises will have you sweating and breathing hard. He calls this workout functional aerobics because you are moving in different directions. According to John, you don’t have to do a lot of repetitions to get a great workout in with these exercises. Work your way up to about 10-12 reps and bring it back down to 8. When you master this try adding weight to the machine but get keep repetitions the same..

John Carleo

We would like to thank John Carleo for joining us today on Total Gym Pulse. Look out for more great workout tips on The Total Gym from John and others soon!

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