Chuck Norris: Exercise Keeps Me Young

COVER MEDIA – 8/17/12

Chuck Norris has been working out with specialist equipment for “35 years”.

The veteran actor revealed his secrets to staying fit and healthy, explaining he still exercises regularly but has to take it easy on the joints.

The 72-year-old credited the Total Gym equipment, which uses the body’s weight to create resistance, with keeping him in shape for over three decades.

Chuck added that a happy family life is another key ingredient in helping delay the signs of aging. “I work out on the Total Gym. I’ve been working on that for 35 years. I’ve found as you get older, when you go with the free weights, it puts a lot of stress on your joints. And I do a lot of swimming. And a lot of bag work. [After a literal nudge from his wife] And a happy family. That’s important,” he told USA Today at The Expendables 2 premiere.

Co-star Terry Crews also revealed what keeps him looking good at 44.

The actor explained that it’s all about your mental attitude and it’s important not to neglect yourself.

“You just never give up. A lot of people at 30, there’s a psychological thing. Everyone is looking at you when you’re working out. Like, what are you doing? You have to ignore the voices of everyone else who say, ‘Slow down.’ The moment you decide you want to look how you want to look, you keep going,” he said. “Look at Sly [Stallone]. That’s a man who is 66 years old. And he’s in shape. I’m 44, and when I look at guys like that, I think I can keep going. There is no end.”
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  1. I have been a big Chuck Norris fan for many years and a total gym owner for nearly 20 years. What he says about Total Gyms is true … I stay young doing those exercises and keep in shape for major overseas adventure travels. I especially love traveling China … endless history, very exotic places, fascinating people, great food, surrealistic landscapes.
    Nutrition is another important area if you want to stay young … I prefer eating 6 to 8 tiny meals per day, drink a lot of water from a 20 oz cylindrical glass with screw on cap I bought at Ross (not from plastic bottles, as they pollute the earth … I have a Brita water filter pitcher that I make all my own high quality water in). I like 1 egg, a few thin strips of deli meat, small piece of low fat cheese, 1/2 sourdough muffin, and Lemon Ginger tea with ProBiotics for breakfast. For in-betweeners, I like small amounts of fresh fruit, small servings of cashews, salmon shashimi, hot and sour soup, raisins, egg whites, small servings of salsa, tiny amount of pasta, small salads with lite balsamic vinegarette, and small servings of grilled chicken, lean beef, and lean pork and lamb. And a few home-made protein bars ( I use my version of Joan Bars on internet). Life is good … Just Do It !!!!!!! Thanks Chuck, Christie, and Total Gym !!!!!

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