‘Expendables’ stars share secrets to extending their glory.

Chuck Norris uses Total Gym to stay in shape for movies
USA TODAY – 8/16/12

Wednesday’s premiere of Expendables 2 brought the action-star thunder as Sylvester Stallone, Chuck Norris and Arnold Schwarzenegger walked the black carpet. Despite some years, they looked so fine that USA TODAY just had to ask: What’s your secret?
Chuck Norris, 72: “I work out on the Total Gym. I’ve been working on that for 35 years. I’ve found as you get older, when you go with the free weights, it puts a lot of stress on your joints. And I do a lot of swimming. And a lot of bag work. (After a literal nudge from his wife) And a happy family. That’s important.”

Arnold Schwarzenegger, 65: “You know, you are looking at a face that has never seen Botox. Or any surgery. Or anything. So this is just the real thing. That’s what it is.”

Jason Statham, 44: “Have a wash and always iron your shirt. That’s the only secret I’ve got.”

Dolph Lundgren, 54: “Swedish genetics. I just try to work out and be happy, to not take things too seriously. And tequila.”

Terry Crews, 44: “You just never give up. A lot of people at 30, there’s a psychological thing. Everyone is looking at you when you’re working out. Like, what are you doing? You have to ignore the voices of everyone else who say, ‘Slow down.’ The moment you decide you want to look how you want to look, you keep going. Look at Sly. That’s a man who is 66 years old. And he’s in shape. I’m 44, (and) when I look at guys like that, I think I can keep going. There is no end.”

Randy Couture, 49: “I train every day. It’s part of what I do. But the biggest thing is monitoring your food. We have a tendency of ‘bigger is better’ in America. Food in general causes you to age.”

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