Firecracker Fusion: A Quick and Fun Circuit Workout for the 4th of July

Whether you’re gearing up for a BBQ bash, heading to see a fireworks show, or just looking to enjoy the summer sun, I’ve got a quick and powerful workout that will that’ll have you fired up like a firecracker this Independence Day!

It’s Fast and Easy to Stay in Shape this 4th of July

I’m from a small town, where our 4th of July celebrations are a summer highlight for friends and family to reunite. It’s a special Holiday with so much going on, that it’s easy to forget to stay focused on keeping in shape. This workout is intended to kick off your Holiday with a fitness bang before the festivities start. It’s quick, intense, and most importantly – fun!

Firecracker Fusion Workout:

Let’s celebrate movement and freedom with an invigorating workout that you will love.  Grab your water bottle, put on your favorite tunes, and get ready to light up your muscles with this killer circuit workout!


  • Prepare your muscles with your own dynamic warm-up prior to the circuit.
  • Circuit consists of 5 exercises that will be performed twice:
  • Perform the exercises in the listed order 1-5, then perform them in reverse 5-1.
  • Set a timer or timer APP to complete each exercise for 50 seconds, using the 10 seconds to transition into the next exercise. (If you prefer reps rather than time, aim for 25 reps/ exercise)
  • Conclude with your own cool down and stretches to prevent muscle soreness.
  • If you have more time and want to keep going, go for it! Repeat the routine multiple rounds.
  • Total circuit time: 10 minutes

Total Gym Set Up:

  • Medium Incline (suggested), adjust based on your strength level
  • Squat Stand & Pull-Up Bars Connected
  • Timer or timer APP
  1. Push-Ups
    Show your strength with these patriotic push-ups. Facing the vertical column, get into an incline plank position. Use the glide board to glide as you perform push-ups. If you’re feeling extra festive, lift one leg off the ground as you lower and push back up. Think of each push-up as a step towards your own personal independence!
  2. Plank Slides
    From an incline full plank position, allow the glide board to open as you shift into a forearm plank position. Keep alternating high plank to low plank while maintaining a long torso and engaged core at all times. Keep your body stable and your movements smooth.
  3. Jog Crunch
    Lie on your back with your on the Squat Stand and hands behind your head. Begin to alternate a jog motion by lightly hopping from one leg to the other on the Squat Stand. Once you have the rhythm, add the upper torso by lifting into a crunch and rotating your torso towards the opposite knee. Keep this jogging motioning going to celebrate your core strength!
  4. Bridge Press
    Lie on your back with your hips at the bottom of the glide board and heels placed on the top of the Squat Stand. Extend your hips into a bridge position. Press the energy through your heels and open the glide board while keeping the hips extended. Repeat this opening and closing motion with the hips in bridge to feel the burn in your hamstrings and glutes.
  5. Pull-Ups
    Facing the vertical column, grab the pull-up bars and lie on your belly. Begin perform pull-ups to strengthen your back and arms.  Use an overhand grip during the first round and an underhand grip for the second round.  This exercise will have you feeling powerfully strong!
  6. Repeat this circuit in reverse, 5-1!

Let’s move together.

I love sharing the gift of movement and would love you to join me to do this workout!  Head over to my YouTube Channel to follow along and sweat with me: @groovysweat

There you have it, superstars!  Your Total Gym is the perfect workout companion to crush this high-energy, patriotic circuit workout!  It’s a movement session that’s as powerful and exhilarating as a 4th of July fireworks show!  Remember, the key to a great workout is having fun while pushing your limits.

Enjoy the festivities, and take pride in the strong, healthy body you’ve worked hard to achieve.

Keep sparking because baby… you’re a firework;)



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