Fit in 5 with Cassandra

This exercise series is really a fun and fast way to get a great workout in a short amount of time. I love the simplicity of using only the cables and completing five exercise moves. To get the most out of this routine, you will repeat all five exercise with five rounds.

This round of Fit in 5 will work the legs, back, shoulders, and abs. Added bonus, use the Training Deck Cards that came with your Total Gym to complete this routine.

Let’s get started!

***Always warm up before starting any workout routine, have water and a towel ready.

Fit in Five

Complete 15 Reps - 5 Sets

1. Toe Touch Upright Row – Card #74

2. Outer Hip & Thigh Press – Card #334

3. Inverted Iron Cross – Card #18

4. Inverted Bicep Curl – Card #46

5. Sit up with Cables – Card #53

You will find how efficient the Total Gym is moving fluently through each exercise. Feel free to lower levels for less weight and raise levels for more challenging weight as needed.

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Cassandra Kurpiel
Certified Health Coach
Total Gym Brand Ambassador

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