How to Start a Fitness Journal for the New Year

Start a Fitness Journal and Stay Motivated

Fitness Journal
Fitness pros say the best way to get motivated to work out tomorrow is to keep track of what you did today. That’s a nice theory, but if you’re at all like me, by the end of the day you can’t even remember where you left your keys, never mind how many miles, and at what pace you ran on the treadmill! A fitness journal is a fantastic way to maximize your workout and strategize for optimal results, while alleviating the stress of mentally keeping track of it all. Organize on paper, and free your mind from the added worry. Get started with five easy steps.

1. Purchase a small notebook you find charming and can conveniently carry with you.
2. On an index card, write your favorite inspirational quote and affix it to the front cover.
3. On the inside front cover; attach a picture of what motivates you to stay fit. Maybe it is a photo of yourself at your ideal weight, or of someone whose physique you aspire to. Or maybe it is a photo of your spouse or children. Whatever your personal workout inspiration, put it where you can see it.
4. On the first page of the notebook, create a bulleted list of your workout goals.
5. Go through the notebook page by page; on the top right hand corner of each, write in the next consecutive day of the month.

Success! The notebook is ready to be your fitness journal. Starting first thing tomorrow morning, begin a daily writing ritual inclusive of the following items:

Diet Details:

What did you eat today? How many calories? Did you have any adverse or favorable reactions? Make note of everything, even that handful of chocolate-covered pretzels you snuck after lunch.

Workout Specs:

Miles, reps, length of time, time of day… Get it all down on paper! This is a great way to track your accomplishments, inspire new goals, and adjust what may not be working for your workout.


Jot a few sentences on how you are feeling in regard to your workout, and life in general. While the immediate goal of a workout plan is to improve one’s physicality, healthy dedication to fitness is also fantastic for morale.

Weight & Measurements:

Once a week, track your progress by taking your weight and measuring your target areas. Of course, write it all down!

Keeping a fitness journal makes your personal workout goals tangible. Exercise ceases to be some mythical, mysterious thing you have a go at once and a while. You’re not sort-of-conscious of what you’re eating. With a fitness journal at hand, you are organized and accountable, and getting it done.

Stay motivated, minimize stress, and maximize your workout by starting a fitness journal today.

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