Fresh Start Beginner Workout with Total Gym’s Training Card Deck – with Cassandra

Happy New Year! This is the perfect time for most people to make some health changes. I really want to congratulate you for taking this huge step forward in your health! Diets and exercising can get really confusing and overwhelming not knowing how to get started. The key to success with any program is to be consistent. I can’t stress that enough when getting started. It was only 3 years ago that I, myself embarked on my own body transformation. The Total Gym made it possible and fun. I was able to shed 25lbs and most importantly, KEEP IT OFF! You can too, you are in the right place by finding this workout.

Settings goals are so important when you get started on something new. So make sure you go in this ready to learn and be okay if things do not always go perfect. It is all about you doing better each day. Creating a vision board of your goals for the year can be very motivating to stay focused. I will share my vision board below to give you an example.

So if the thought of exercising is a new concept for you and you are feeling hesitant, then this workout is designed for you. To make things really easy to get started, I am using the Training Deck cards that come with the Total Gym. Each exercise I am showcasing can be found simply by number. This will make it even easier for you to pull the cards and work at your own pace until you build up strength and endurance to be able to raise levels and repeat this routine two more times.

Let’s kick off the fresh year with your transformation!


This workout consists of 10 Exercises with 10 Reps each with 2 quick Cardio Bursts (Have water and a towel ready and take breaks as needed.)


30 to 60 seconds Jog in place or cycling (Cyclo Trainer)


CARD #24 Serve – Shoulders (use cables)
CARD #3 Seated Chest Fly- Chest (use cables)
CARD #43 Seated Biceps Curl – Arms (use cables)
CARDIO BURST Jog in place- 30 seconds
CARD #27 Squat – Legs & Glutes (use squat stand or toe bar)
CARD #29 Single Leg Squat – Legs (use squat stand or toe bar)

CARD #31 Calf Raise – Legs (use squat stand or toe bar)
CARD #36 or #28 Skiing or Twist Squat – Legs (no jump use squat stand or toe bar)
CARDIO BURST Jog in place- 30 seconds
CARD #60 Incline Ab Crunch – Abs (use squat stand or toe bar)
CARD #59 Kneeling Plank Press – Abs (use squat stand or toe bar)
CARDIO BURST Jog in place- 30 seconds
CARD #7 Pull-Up – Back (use wing attachment)
CARDIO BURST Jog in place- give it all you got!

Awesome job! Always finish strong and you will be well on your way to reaching your goals!

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Cassandra Kurpiel
Certified Health Coach & Total Gym Ambassador

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