How to Say No to Temptations at the Movies

One of my biggest dreams is having a healthy snack option at the movie theaters. I believe going to the movies can be one of the biggest temptations with snacking without even realizing the number of calories or fat are in those snack foods we order to company our movie. A large AMC popcorn, without butter, contains 1,030 calories and 41 grams of fat. And if you decide to make it a combo at Regal, with a medium popcorn and a medium non-diet soda, that’s 1,610 calories right there.

During the winter months, we are more prone to stay indoors, be less active, and most likely go to the movie theater for entertainment over the weekend. I come prepared when I go to the movies. I always eat before going to the movies, that way to avoid being tempted by my empty stomach. Either try to eat at home before going to a movie, or switch your plans to going out to dinner before the movie. It can be very challenging to go into a movie theater hungry so always plan ahead.

Next up is to make wise choices at the concession stand such as water – or sparking water (I do this to make it a bit more of a treat), unsweetened ice tea, fruit cups, pretzels without the butter, and even a healthier popcorn snack such as the prepackaged such as the brand skinny pop which will give you a lower calorie/lower fat option. You also can call ahead to your movie theater and ask for a concession menu to plan ahead. I have even seen movie theaters now sell hummus packages with carrots. Stay away from the candy and processed meats such as hot dogs.

I also will email the movie theater asking for healthier options at the concession stand. Making sure you are asking for what you’d like to see. The movie theater wants to make money, so if more people ask for healthier options you’re more likely to have them available. Being an advocate for your health and what you want to send your money on makes a big difference. 

Brittany Jaroudi

Brittany Jaroudi is a wellness lifestyle blogger from Pittsburgh PA. Currently she is working towards a plant based nutrition certification through Cornell University. She loves helping people achieve health through a whole foods plant based lifestyle. You can find her blog and social media accounts under the name The Jaroudis.

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