Advanced Workouts on the Total Gym with Mike “The Fat Guy” Campbell

“The Fat Guy’s” Advanced Home Workout

This advanced home workout is for those who are ready to take their health and fitness to the next level while working out at home and avoiding the hassle of going to the gym. The Total Gym is not only great for people beginning their health and fitness routine, it’s also a phenomenal tool for those who are farther along on their workout journey. Joining us once again on Total Gym Pulse is Mike “The FAT Guy” Campbell to give us a break down of some advanced workout techniques demonstrating why the Total Gym is an extremely beneficial workout tool.

Mike Campbell Iron cross on the total gym

The first advanced exercise Mike demonstrates on the Total Gym is one he learned from fitness trainer and long time Total Gym user Todd Durkin’s video. The exercise he demonstrates is known as the “Iron Cross” or “Snow Angel.” It’s a great workout for the upper body including the back, shoulders, chest and core.

Mike Campbell advanced workout on the total gym

Mike says that he didn’t start with the advanced series, but rather had to work his way up in the program. Even though the Total Gym opens the door to advanced workouts it still remains very simple to use. The Total Gym is versatile and makes it easy to go from level one to the advanced workout series – just by following simple, easy-to-understand workout plans with videos and a deck of Total Gym exercise cards that can be mounted. Mike says the Total Gym gave him all the tools he needed to start a workout plan, even as an overweight beginner. Now he’s on to the advanced level and says that the same can do the done by you. By the way, Mike lost over 100lbs.

Challenging yourself on your fitness journey is extremely important. A lot of people of people tend to get discouraged early on in their exercise routines because of difficulty or the workouts being too strenuous. Do not let these factors deter you. The beauty of proper exercise is that it works. If you can make it through these moments you will get stronger and when you get stronger, you will be able to continuously challenge yourself to take your workouts to the next level.

We would like to thank Mike for motivating us once again to challenge ourselves and take our fitness to the next level using the Total Gym. If you would like to purchase a Total Gym to either start or continue your fitness journey, please visit us at Total Gym Direct.


We would like to thank Mike for joining us on Total Gym Pulse and giving us some great techniques that not only apply to using the Total Gym but also to our lives. Look for more great health tips coming from Mike soon!

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