The Back Attack Workout!

The Back Attack Workout

The Back Attack Workout!

The back is one of Rosalie’s favorite muscles to work because when you have a strong back you look taller, leaner and stronger. Also, what a lot of people don’t realize is that the back is one of the largest muscle groups in your body so you actually burn a significant number of calories when you work it out. If you want a smaller waist it makes a lot of sense to work on the back – not only for the calorie you will burn but because of the body symmetry you will achieve.


The exercise Rosalie demonstrates is one of her favorites. Begin by lying down your back on the glide board of The Total Gym with cables in both hands. The first thing you will notice is the amazing stretch you will get simply by keeping your arms straight above your head and holding it.

From here, begin to bring your elbows gently into your waistline and squeeze down at the bottom so your shoulder blades feel like they are coming together. Rosalie calls this workout the “back attack.” You are going to feel this exercise right away and if not, simply elevate the bench on the machine to make it more difficult. Try this for 1 minute. If it feels to easy raise your bench to a more challenging level.

We would like to thank Rosalie for joining us today on Total Gym Pulse. Look for more incredible Total Gym workouts coming soon!

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