I love you Total Gym!

Christie Brinkley Explains What She Loves About The Total Gym!

I Love You!

Christie Brinkley Total Gym

The term “I love you” is counted in more than 1 way in the latest blog for Total Gym Pulse. In this video, Christie Brinkley counts several things she loves about The Total Gym. Christie has been a Total Gym user for years and accredits it to being a big part of her fitness success.

Triceps. The first thing she mentions is the ability to work the triceps. Total Gym offers a variety of exercises that can work the triceps. The Triceps are an extremely important muscle group on your arm since they makes up two thirds of your entire arm! This being said it is essential that this part of the arm be worked even more than the biceps which everyone seems to focus on.

Christie Brinkley Total Gym

Biceps. Next, Christie mentions the biceps – which make up the other third of the arm muscles. We mentioned above how the triceps may need more attention than the biceps while working out, but it is still important to work this muscle. Bicep strength is great for elbow flexibility and is incorporated in functional movement throughout the day. The Total Gym allows one to build up the strength and tone of the bicep properly and efficiently.

Christie Brinkley Total Gym

Chest. Moving on, Christie mentions she loves working out her chest using The Total Gym. Like the two muscles above, the chest is also extremely important to any workout routine. Usually for men, it is the most noticeable muscle group besides the bicep. Not only is it great for looks, but by working out your chest you will increase your strength in several different muscle areas in the upper body.

Christie Brinkley Total Gym

Thighs. Finally, Christie mentions Total Gym’s ability to work the inner and outer thighs as another reason she loves working out on The Total Gym. The legs are often an area of the body that get overlooked. Think about it, we are on our legs all the time. The stronger we make our legs, the more proportioned our body symmetry will be and the more you reduce the risk of injury.

All in all, the reason why Christie loves the Total Gym is because she knows how important it is to work the complete body. Thank you again to Christie for sharing with us some amazing tips on how you can take full advantage of this workout strategy by using The Total Gym.

Christie Brinkley Total Gym

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