How To Get Fit with Total Gym Back Workouts

Why Workout Your Back?

Many of us neglect training our back muscles because they’re typically not top of mind when we think about getting fit and looking good. If we sustain an injury or develop back issues nothing becomes more important than caring for these muscles, but until then – they truly take a back seat.

But a fully developed back not only enhances our V-taper and creates the illusion of a smaller waist: working out your back also improves breathing and posture, and provides much-needed strength for everyday chores that require pulling, lifting, postural support and more.

Here’s a simple workout to help you achieve a healthy, beautiful and functionally strong back:

Total Gym Back Workout Routine

• Arm Pullover: 12-15 reps
• Iron Cross: 12-15 reps
• Combination of the above two movements: 12-15 reps
• Add Crunches: 12-15 reps
• Seated Row: 15 reps
• One Arm Row (with one or both handles): 12 reps
• Wide Arm Row: 12-15 reps
• Cross Cable Kneeling Row — 12-15 reps

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