A Quick Leg Workout from Total Gym

Hot Legs in a Hurry

In this social media driven world, we’re all looking for fast and effective solutions to our exercise goals. Here is a quick lower body blast that will take no more than 15 minutes of your day, but will produce long-lasting effects!

Quick Leg Workout

Start with a mid-to-high level squat to warm up your legs, about 15 – 20 reps. Make sure your knees are in line with your feet and that you move through a full range of motion. Then, move to a single leg squat, 12 – 15 reps on each leg. Next, if your knees are healthy and you’re comfortable with this exercise, add plyometric squats. Do 10 – 12 on each side or 30 total alternating legs each time. Then, roll to the side of your body for the side squat, 10 – 12 reps on one leg. When performing the side squat, slide your hips back as far as possible to target the glutes. Afterwards, come onto your back and perform 12 – 15 turned-out squats (or hip rolls). Then move to the other side of your body to complete your side squats, 10 – 12 reps on the second leg. Finish your lower body blast with lunges facing the tower, the side and the front.

By now you’ve earned a good stretch!

Leg Stretch

Holding the ladder with one hand for support, take your outside leg and bring the ankle toward your glutes for a front of the thigh stretch. Repeat this on the other side, then – slide on your skinny jeans and head out!

The routine:
Bilateral Squat – 20 reps to warm up
Unilateral Squat – 12 – 15 reps per-side
Unilateral Plyometric Squats – 10 – 12 reps per-side
or Alternating Unilateral Plyometric Squats – 30 total
Side Lying Single Leg Squat – 10 – 12 reps
Turned-Out Squat – 10 – 12 reps
Other side of the body, Side Lying Single Leg Squat – 10 – 12
Front Lunge – 10 – 12 reps per-side
Lateral Side Lunge – 10 – 12 reps per-side
Rear Lunge – 10 – 12 reps per-side

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