Best Chest Exercises for Total Gym

Best Chest Exercises

We all want our upper bodies to look beautiful and one way to achieve that is by incorporating some of the best chest exercises. Not only do strong looking pectoral muscles look good and signify strength, they also play a vital role in one’s posture, movement and power. Joining us once again on Total Gym Pulse is Life Stylist Tiffany Savion who shows us some of the best chest exercises on The Total Gym.

Total Gym Chest Exercises

Today Tiffany shows us exercises the chest but also activates other muscles in the upper body. She beings with doing a simple chest press. This is very similar to doing a pushup but can be more enjoyable while done on Total Gym. Begin by keeping your abs in tight and have your shoulders away from you ears. From there push your arms straight forward and squeeze in the center. Keep the movements slow and controlled as you continue to push your arms forward to the center and retract.

Total Gym Chest Exercises

Next, Tiffany shows us how you can convert this exercises into a combination workout. Simply drop your elbows down to your side to now begin a “closed grip press” which is similar to doing a tricep pushup. Like before, push your arms straight forward keeping them slow and controlled. Your shoulders are away from your ears and continue to keep your abs in nice and tight.

Total Gym Chest Exercises

Finally, complete this workout by combining the two previous chest exercises together. Start by lifting your elbows out doing the original chest press exercise. When you bring your arms back in, drop your elbows down and continue with the closed grip press. Keep alternating between the two while keeping your breathing controlled and concentrate on the area that you are focused on. These chest exercises are a great way to combine your
upper body muscles and will get you closer to achieving the look and strength you desire.

We would like to thank Tiffany for showing us some of the best chest exercises that can be performed on Total Gym.

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