Chuck Norris Workout: Triceps

The Chuck Norris Total Gym Triceps Workout Routine

Chuck Norris has been using the Total Gym for more than 30 years. He started using the Total Gym to rehabilitate his shoulder after suffering an injury during his Martial Arts training, and has been using the Total Gym to stay in shape ever since. Total Gym Pulse is proud to present a series of Chuck Norris workout videos showcasing how he uses the Total Gym to give him the best workout possible, and stay in phenomenal shape.

Chuck often uses the Total Gym to work on his triceps. He mentions that guys will grab your arm when they say hi just to see how much muscle you have. Chuck uses this as motivation to build the best triceps possible. Check out the Chuck Norris triceps workout routine:

Chuck starts his Total Gym triceps workout by keeping his arms to his sides and moving in a back and forth forward motion. When he’s done that to exhaustion, he then raises his arms and works the back of the triceps by pulling his arms to his chest.

Tricep Extension

Chuck reminds us that it’s important to work the back of the body as well as the front because as we get older, we have a tendency to slump. By strengthening your back, you are able to improve and maintain your posture.

Back exercises

Unlike a gym, where you have to move from machine to machine, the Total Gym lets Chuck switch between triceps exercises without leaving the machine. He credits the Total Gym and this workout for keeping him in great shape for one of his recent movies “Expendables 2.” See the movie trailer here.

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  1. Remember to extend or straighten your arms completely during triceps exercises to fully contract the muscle. For each exercise below, your arms should form approximately a 90 degree angle at your elbow when bringing the dumbbell toward your body. Do NOT let your shoulders shrug or scrunch up to your ears during triceps exercises.

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