Advanced Back Workout on the Total Gym

Advanced Back Workout with John Carleo

Today on Total Gym Pulse we have special guest John Carleo who brings us an advanced workout for our lats using the Total Gym. Latissimus Dorsi or “Lats” as they are commonly known, are the broadest muscles in the back. Properly working out your lats will help you achieve the classic “V” shape in your back.


John begins the advanced lat workout by pointing out he has added weight to the top of the Total Gym by using the optional weight bar to increase the difficulty and to build more strength. Do not add weight until you are comfortable with the exercise. Start by kneeling on the board with your toes off of the bottom edge and grabs the cables. Then bend over, sit back and stretch out. From here, pull the cables straight back and hold. When you come back down be sure to hold for a little bit and stretch. John also says your arms should be in position as if you are holding a straight bar whenever you come up.

Pull back and pinch your shoulder blades

Stretch your lats

Next, John switches positions by changing the position of his hands and putting his legs out straight on the board of The Total Gym. Not only is this position great for building strength, but it also is good for increasing flexibility in the hamstrings. Pull the cables to your chest with your thumbs up and hold before releasing back into a stretch. John also points out not to add additional weight onto The Total Gym until you’ve mastered it at level 6.


Remember, having a well developed back will enhance the appearance of your overall physique. Concentrating on your lats will give you the strength you need to take your physical fitness to the next level.

John Carleo

We would like to thank John Carleo for joining us today on Total Gym Pulse. Look out for more great workout tips on The Total Gym from John and others soon!

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