Total Gym Workout Tips

Workout Tips

Many who use the Total Gym are already getting tremendous results. However, today on Total Gym Pulse we are joined once again by fitness expert John Carleo to give some additional workout tips to enhance your workouts even more!

John begins the video by telling us there are two words he wants you to remember during your workout. The first word to remember is “Stretch.” Take note that John is sitting up straight and not slouched over with his arms being stretched out by the cables. The second word John wants you to remember is “Hold.” Notice when John does a bicep curl he holds the position for a couple seconds before stretching back out. This goes the same for any exercise such as upright rows or back rows which John also demonstrates. The two advantages you add to your workout by stretching and holding is improving your flexibility and core strength.



Stretching your arms on the Total Gym


Hold the Exercise at the top of the motion.

In addition to what John told us, here are some more great workout tips to ensure you get the best results possible.

Consistency – Try working out on a set schedule each week to ensure you follow a steady workout plan. You don’t have to be the fastest or strongest to achieve great fitness levels, you simply need to be consistent with your exercise regimens. It may seem like a little bit at first but after awhile you will see the results add up!

Timing – Not only is it important to be on a consistent schedule, but it is also crucial that you are timing your workouts to when you have the most energy during the day. If you have the most energy when you wake up in the morning, be sure to workout as soon as you get up. If you are a person who picks up as the day goes along, schedule your workouts later in the day. Find out which is best for you to ensure an effective workout.

Get Motivated – Whether be a video, quote or special workout song, do whatever possible to get you geared up and ready to attack your workouts. As physical as fitness may seem, a lot derives from having a positive mental attitude inspired to achieve greatness with each workout.

John Carleo

We would like to thank John Carleo for giving us some great workout tips to improve one’s workout while using The Total Gym. Please visit Total Gym Direct to view and purchase from a wide selection of models. Stay tuned to Total Gym Pulse for more amazing fitness advice from the experts!

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