Total Gym Challenge Episode 4: “Feeling Great!”

Total Gym Challenge Episode 4
“Feeling Great!”

The Total Gym Challenge continues with Episode 4 exclusively on Total Gym Pulse! In case you’ve missed it, we recently took 14 people with 14 different fitness goals and put them through 14 different workouts in three weeks on The Total Gym. Fitness trainer and Total Gym Pulse contributor Rosalie Brown leads the participants through a series of different cardio and strength building workouts to help them achieve their desired results.

Total Gym Challenge Participant: Bruce, 57 years old

The episode begins with 57 year old husband and father Bruce. Bruce original goal when he started the Total Gym Challenge was to build his core and work on his golf game. After 1 week, Bruce took 1st place in a long drive competition at his local club. Bruce is already seeing tremendous results!

Total Gym Challenge Participant: Taya

Taya says after only 7 workouts she feels reenergized, she notices she is standing taller, feels stronger and says she loves the Total Gym more and more every time she gets on it.

Total Gym Challenge Participant: Doug

Doug already notices a physical difference which he feels is a testament to The Total Gym. Doug joined the challenge because he wanted to lose the weight he gained since he quit his smoking habit about 4 years ago. He is very proud of his accomplishments in just a short amount of time with The Total Gym Challenge.

Total Gym Challenge Participant: Janet has lost 5.6 pounds

After a few workouts on The Total Gym, Janet feels great and has lot 5.6 pounds, 10 inches overall and over five inches on her abs which is where she really wanted to lose weight.

Total Gym Challenge Participant: Vicki has lost 4 pounds!

Vicki has lost four pounds, 5.5 inches over her entire body and 1.5 percent body fat so far in The Total Gym Challenge. Her goal coming in was to get her body bikini ready and it’s looking like she’s well on her way to accomplishing her goal.

Total Gym Challenge Participant: Caren is feeling an overall mood boost

Caren can feel a lot more energy, is handling stress better and is sleeping better since starting the challenge. She said she’s also standing taller, feels fabulous and is looking forward to seeing the end results.

Total Gym Challenge Participant: Lisa is watching the fat melt away

The episode transitions to Lisa where she says she is feeling fabulous and can feel the “cottage cheese” underneath her legs and the “flab” on her arms starting to burn away. Her core is tighter as well. Lisa says she has tried a lot of fitness programs and has never had results like this in such a short amount of time.

Total Gym Challenge Participant: Jacky has lost 4 inches!

Following Lisa is Jacky who says she really underestimated The Total Gym. She’s already lost 4 inches and more importantly feels more energetic than she did before -she has just as much energy at the end of the day as she does at the beginning. Jacky says her husband has even taken notice of her progress.

Thank you for joining us today for Episode 4 of The Total Gym Challenge. As you can see, our participants are already getting great results and getting closer to achieving their fitness goals. Stay tuned to Total Gym Pulse next for our final two episodes premiering on Tuesday August 26th and Thursday August 28th.

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