Total Gym Challenge Episode 2

Total Gym Challenge Episode 2:
“The 1st Workout”

The Total Gym Challenge continues with Episode 2 “The 1st Workout” exclusively on Total Gym Pulse! In case you missed Episode 1 “The Weigh-In” we met our 14 participants who all had goals of getting into better shape and living a healthier lifestyle. Fitness trainer Rosalie Brown weighed all of the participants and took their measurements. The group also told Rosalie their goals for the challenge such as losing weight, increasing strength, toning up their muscles and getting in the best shape of their life.

Rosalie Brown

Today in Episode 2, Rosalie leads the group of 14 participants through the first of 14 workouts on The Total Gym. She begins the segment by mentioning why most people want to get fast results when working out. From weddings to reunions to just having a baby, there are a multitude of reasons why people get motivated to get in better shape. The Total Gym is great for getting fast results because it works out all areas of the body during the training routine developed by Rosalie including cardio, strength and stretching – all on one machine!



As the workout begins Rosalie starts the group with a jogging exercise performed by jogging in place using the squat stand. From there, the group transitions into a one legged squat hop. This particular exercise is great because you are building strength, increasing your cardio ability and burning massive calories as Rosalie points out. Not too many workouts allow you to combine your cardio and strength training all in one!


Next, the group goes through a series of pull ups, chin ups, shoulder presses and hamstring curls which work a variety of muscles throughout the entire body. All of these exercises are great for not only developing strength but also for improving muscle tone giving you better definition.


After the workout, the group gave their reactions to how they felt. Jamie said the workout went really great. She liked the fact that should could stay on one machine the entire time and alternate between strength training and cardio without ever dropping her heart rate.



Doug said he was able to get his heart rate up very fast and was able to keep it at a great level the entire workout. He says with 14 workouts like that you can’t help but to get results.



Taya said she was out of breath and was able to work up a nice sweat during the workout. She said you have to get results when doing this type of workout.


When Kirsten was asked what she thought about the first workout she said she liked how if it was too intense you could back off a little bit and go at an easier pace. She was able to keep up with the rest of the group because she could adjust the workout to her personal comfort level at anytime – which she found motivating.



Lisa told the Total Gym Pulse cameras that The Total Gym truly lives up to it’s name because your entire body gets a workout. She says it’s very efficient for people who have a busy lifestyle due to the fact that you can get a fabulous workout in only 40 minutes which would normally take you up to two hours anywhere else. Lisa says she is going to get her bikini body in the next three weeks.


Finally, Stuart told us he felt great and he hadn’t worked out like this in a long time. He’s looking forward to the results he’s going to see after three weeks of working out on The Total Gym.


After week 1 our participants are already feeling better and are even more motivated to achieve their fitness goals. If you are interested in how The Total Gym can help you along in your fitness journey please visit us at Total Gym Direct. Be sure to visit Total Gym Pulse next week on Tuesday August 19th for Episode 3 of The Total Gym Challenge.

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