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Personal Trainer Workouts: John Peele On Back Exercises

John Peele makes his second appearance on Total Gym Pulse to bring us a special segment on how to utilize the pull-up bar/wing attachment on the Total Gym to strengthen the back. John says that an advantage to the pull-up bar/wing attachment is the ability to modify the incline up or down, making it easier for the users who cannot pull their own body weight. He also brings up the fact that men tend to concentrate on the chest too much and don’t pay enough attention to the back. This may cause your posture to move forward which can potentially hurt your lower back. Back workouts are a good way to improve your posture.

Back Exercises

The first exercise John demonstrates uses a wide grip. You should be laying flat on your stomach with your legs bent at the knees. Then pull up on the bar all the way to your chest with a slight pause at the top and keep control on the way down. This particular exercise will work your outside lats along with your arms and traps.

Back Exercises

Next, John demonstrates how to work the inside lats and mid back. To start, reverse your grip and bring your hands in tight. This will work the biceps as well. Do the same movement as the previous exercise while pausing for a brief moment at the top each time. John suggests getting in as many reps as you can per set. This is another great exercise that many people would have a hard time doing on a regular chin up bar – but the ability to adjust your level on the Total Gym makes it the perfect exercise to add to your routine.

Back Exercises

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