Strengthen and Tone Your Shoulders With This Total Gym Workout

Total Gym Shoulder Workout

Shoulders are an often neglected but critical part of the body. Having shoulder strength and flexibility will help you in simple everyday tasks such as reaching and lifting as well as enhance workouts that focusing on other parts of the body.

Shoulder Workout with Sherry Goggin

Today on Total Gym Pulse we have Fitness America National Champion, model, and entrepreneur Sherry Goggin here to show us a highly effective workout to strengthen your shoulders using the Total Gym. Sherry says her shoulders helped her win the Fitness America National Champion crown because having rounded defined shoulders adds to an overall sexy, toned look. In this segment, Sherry shows us four shoulder exercises that can easily flow from one exercise to the next.

Total GymShoulder Press

The first exercise Sherry starts with is the Shoulder Press. This works the top of the shoulders. Start by sitting straight up on the board of the Total Gym with each hand gripping one of the cables. Bring your hands up to your shoulders so that your elbows are completely bent. Then, bring them all the way up above your head. Be sure to breathe at a slow controlled pace and tighten the muscles in your stomach so you are working your core at the same time.

Total Gym Front Lateral

Next, Sherry transitions into a Front Lateral. This exercise works the front of your shoulders to give them a nicely defined shape. With your arms straight at your side, lift them straight out to about a 90-degree angle – so that your arms are parallel at eye level. Lower and repeat.

Total Gym Chest Press

From here, Sherry moves into a Chest Press. This will not only work the chest but will strengthen your shoulders as well. She does this by simply changing the angle in which she is moving her arms. The motion is for this is pushing out in front instead of lifting up. It’s important to pay attention to both the upper and lower parts of your chest when performing this exercise.

Total Gym Chest Fly

Finally, Sherry ends the workout with a Chest Fly. This is for the spread of the chest and will also improve your shoulder flexibility as well. Make sure to perform the exercise in slow and controlled movements. Speed is not as important as form here – it’s better to do an exercise with slow controlled movements and proper form instead of rushing the workout and not getting the results you desire. Proper form and slow execution also aid in preventing injury as well.

We would like to thank Sherry Goggin for showing us an incredible workout for our shoulders using the Total Gym. To learn more about the Total Gym and how it can help you on your fitness journey, please visit Total Gym Direct. Look out for more great workouts from Sherry and other fitness experts coming soon to Total Gym Pulse!

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