10 Minute Workout for Men


Okay Gentlemen, today’s blog post is for you!

It’s go time for your health and fitness goals because soon, it’ll be the holiday season and January is not far away. Dig deep and hit your workouts at least 3-5 times a week.

This 10-minute video will help you design effective fat burning and muscle building workouts.

Here are some guidelines for you follow:

Intervals, intervals, intervals

Intervals are the secret weapon for rapid fat loss, improving endurance and are effective, short workouts. I usually tend to use 1 minute intervals with my clients, but start with 30 seconds.

Give roughly 30 seconds to 1 minute rest in between either each exercise or when you switch positions on your Total Gym.

Want to build muscle? Raise the level

Getting a bigger chest, broader shoulders or even cutting up your abs comes from heavy lifting! If you want bulk up, raise up the level for your glideboard. When you do go heavier, do fewer reps during your interval. After the heavier weight seems easy to lift (should take at least 30 to 60 days), raise up that incline again!

Remember to eat right so you can move and be healthy

Nutrition and lifestyle habits are critical to muscle growth! Junk food means a junk body! Make sure to eat a proper ratio of nutrients, get enough sleep each day and drink at least half your weight in ounces of water a day. Real change starts from the inside and that begins with your eating and lifestyle habits.

Today’s video will really help you towards your fitness goals, but remember to be patient. The road to building muscle takes time and consistency. Take action every day and do the work needed. Before you know it your stomach will start to show those 6-pack muscles and your back will get that nice “V” shape.

Check out my website brianstotalgymlab.com for more tips about how to use your Total Gym for maximum results.

Brian Monnier

Brian Monnier is a Transformation Specialist from San Francisco Ca. He has taught Yoga, Martial Arts and worked with clients one on one for 25 years. He specializes in people new or returning to fitness and those who have chronic injuries or pain. He owned a yoga/fitness studio for 12 years in San Francisco and now is focusing on helping clients online.

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