5-Minute Lower Body Workout

Hey Total Gym Team! It’s Master Trainer JayDee here with a follow up to my last blog “5-minute Upper Body Workout”. If you missed that one, check it out here. If you combine these two workouts on a consistent basis, you’ll be doing a wealth of good for your entire body in a minimal amount of time. Time is life’s currency so let’s get our workouts done in an efficient yet effective manner. That’s the beauty of working out on your Total Gym at home - the versatility and convenience.

3 Keys To An Effective Workout

1) Focus - The more you are totally present on your form and the muscle group you are working the more benefits you will reap. Yeah, crank your favorite tunes and have some fun but be fully cognizant of your body and your form.

2) Intensity - For a 5-minute workout to be effective it is all about quality over quantity and taking your muscle to fatigue on every exercise. If you’re a little sore the next day, that is your body’s way of telling you it was pushed enough to get all those great benefits.

3) Consistency - This is the crucial key to a 5-minute workout! Hey, if you commit to five days a week that is still only 25 minutes. I would rather see you get greater benefits of 25 minutes a week by focusing on your form and intensity than three 60 minute workouts of just going through the motions. Bam, you just saved yourself 155 minutes!

To maximize those 5-minutes I’ve combined some moves for time efficiency. We call these compound exercises and it is yet another awesome, versatile aspect of your Total Gym.
  1. Squat warm-up with calf raises and abdominal crunches. 3 for 1 special!
  2. Plyometric squat jumps with both legs. Plyo jumps are so good for bone/ligament strength while your spine is safely and fully supported by your Total Gym. Always Focus on a soft landing to protect your joints and get the most work out of your muscles with that controlled deceleration.
  3. Single-leg Alternating Plyometric Jumps - right into…
  4. Tick-tock. A fun version of Single-leg Alternating Plyo Jumps that adds some bonus outer thigh work.
  5. Side lying single leg squats with inner thigh work and an oblique crunch. Another 3 for 1 special!
  6. Hamstring/Glute curls with abdominal work (get your hamstring accessory here). Keep your core taut so your lower back does not arch.

That might seem like a lot of exercises to fit into 5-minutes but once you see the video you’ll realize how quickly it flows. Combine this 5-minute Lower Body Workout with the 5-minute Upper Body Workout consistently and you’ll be ready for summer in no time.

JayDee Cutting III, MBA

JayDee Cutting III, MBA is an Educator for the American Council On Exercise and holds 12 fitness certifications including Pilates, yoga, personal training, lifestyle and weight management. JayDee is a Total Gym master trainer and spokesmodel since 2004. He lectured and taught wellness at Rancho La Puerta Fitness Spa and is featured in over 10 fitness DVDs and over 40 fitness television programs. He developed his own Coregolf Fitness Program and founded the NiceDogYoga Company. His mission statement is: “My passion is inspiring people to enhance their lives through wellness, creating healthier, happier, higher qualities of life.”

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