5 Step Weekend Warrior Workout

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5 Step Weekend Warrior Workout

Personal trainer John Peel is back at Total Gym Pulse to show us his “5 Step Weekend Warrior Workout” using The Total Gym. With football and basketball season in full swing, many of us find ourselves lounging around the house to catch the exciting sports action. However, as John points out, there is no reason why one can’t get a workout in-between games, during commercials or at halftime. This five step workout is designed for those who want to enjoy the best of both worlds.

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First, John starts with biceps. Start by sitting on the glide board with both cables in hand. Keep your palms up and elbows high, then squeeze up and bring them back down. Keep your core tight and movements slow and controlled. For this exercise and all the others, be sure to do 15 reps.

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Staying in the same position, John transitions to the next exercise which is a back row. Bring your hands to a neutral grip, keep your elbows in tight, pull all the way to your rib cage and release. Make sure to pause when pulling the cables in to work your back as best possible.

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From there, John moves on to work the rear deltoids. Bring your arms up and have your palms facing down. Pull the cables up high with your hands going above your shoulder. You should feel the burn behind your upper shoulders and into your back.

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Triceps are the muscle group to be worked as John demonstrates the next exercise. Lean forward on the glide board, keep your elbows in tight and extend your arms all the way back. These are called “Kickbacks” and will give your triceps a nice burn.

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Finally, John concludes the workout by concentrating on the chest muscles. Take your hands off the cables and remove the stepping piece located at the bottom of The Total Gym. Lean forward and put your hands in pushup position on the glide board with your feet on the floor. Bring your body down and bring each knee to your elbows to work your obliques in addition to your chest. Come back up and repeat the process for 15 reps.

We would like to thank John Peel for joining us today and showing us a great workout. If you would like to learn more about Total Gym so you can do a workout similar to what you saw today, please visit us at Total Gym Direct. Stay tuned for more amazing workouts coming soon to Total Gym Pulse!

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