5-Week Metabolic Makeover – Week 5


You should be well on your way on your 5-Week Metabolic Makeover. Most folks have seen, felt and measured a significant change in body fat, muscle strength and an increase in energy and have found a sense of well-being. Many of our Total Gym users have been with us for quite a few years and as a natural consequence they are interested in anti-aging programs. They wish to find something that helps maintain youthful health, appearance and function.

In 15 Minutes to Fitness, the chapter entitled “The Aging Athlete in All of Us,” the main message is that presentation is a major part of the aging process. This involves the behaviors that one applies throughout our lifetime. If we can use the case of a school reunion, the folks that seem to retain their youth are the ones that have controlled their body fat (weight) most successfully. It’s a literal visual expression of well-being.


Primarily, being lean is a sign of health and youthful vitality. The 5-Week Metabolic Makeover strives to return the body’s chemistry to those stages associated with the health and vigor of youth. The best way to look healthy is to be healthy!

If we observe the prime of athletes, we can see a snapshot of our own aging process. When we’re vigorous and active, our health and energy remains at a superior level. When we stop these behaviors (suddenly as athletes or more slowly as the average adult), our energy levels, our immune function and our health status begins to degenerate.

So, what can we do to extend our “careers” as healthy individuals?

The message of fifteen minutes has repeatedly been diet and exercise. What kind of diet? One that reduces and focuses on controlled carbohydrate intake. What kind of exercise? One that is high intensity and has a focus on interval training done safely (the SMaRT system).

The plan is laid out for you step by step and day by day. Don’t give up if you hit speed bumps. This is a lifelong process providing decades of benefits for you and your family. Don’t let the calendar tell you when it’s time to back off and accept a lesser degree of health and vitality. You’re in charge of your own destiny and the SMaRT plan presented that is designed for 15 minutes of fitness exercises has worked for thousands of folks of all ages and of varying levels of fitness and health. Use your head! Be SMaRT and take care of yourself! You’re worth it!

Looking to start the 5-Week Metabolic Makeover? Find Week 1 here!


Keep up the good work and for more info, order Dr. Ben’s “15 minutes” to Fitness” from Total Gym!

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