Advanced Bicep and Tricep Workout

Advanced Bicep and Tricep Workout

Want to have bigger and more toned arms for the Summer? Fitness trainer and long time Total Gym user John Carleo joins Total Gym Pulse once again to show us an advanced workout for our biceps and triceps.

John starts the workout by disconnecting the pulley that is attached to the Total Gym board. This is going to make it more difficult and create more resistance when using the cables throughout the exercises. Lie back on the Total Gym board and slide down as far as possible with the board without touching the base. This will make your hands holding on to the cables the only form of support, again increasing the difficulty of the exercise.

Advanced Arms workout with John Carleo

For the first set of exercises, John focuses on the biceps. Begin by holding one hand in position and curl with the other. Alternate between arms always focusing on one arm at a time increasing the amount of resistance on each curl. Staying in the same position, turn your hands over and go into a reverse curl. This is a really advanced workout for the forearm and grip. The cables are going to want to come out of your hands forcing you to focus on squeezing hard giving you a great workout. End the bicep workout by curling with both arms simultaneously to burn the muscles out.

Advanced Arms workout with John Carleo

Next, John transitions into advanced tricep exercises. Start by turning over and facing the opposite direction as before. Like the bicep exercises, the pulley on the Total Gym will remain disconnected. Also be sure to go as far down on the board as you can without it touching the base of the machine. This will again force your arms to be the only form of support. Once in position, lift your knees up and push the cables down into a tricep extension. This exercise will get you a lot more power and development in your triceps due to the difficulty. If you are looking for even more resistance you can add weights as needed with the optional weight bar. But be sure you are comfortable without the weights and can do the exercises easily and with the proper form before adding any weight.

John Carleo

We would like to thank John Carleo for joining us once again on Total Gym Pulse. If you would like to purchase a Total Gym like the one you saw in the video please visit Total Gym Direct. Look for more great workout and fitness tips coming soon!

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