Advanced Total Gym Workout with John Carleo

Advanced Total Gym Training with John Carleo

Total Gym Pulse welcomes John Carleo back with a brand new advanced workout segment on the Total Gym. He starts by showing us that he has added weight to the top of the Total Gym exercise machine to give more resistance. The weight bar is an optional accessory.

John Carleo Advanced Workout

John starts by kneeling on the glideboard with his toes on the bottom edge. He then bends over and stretches his arms out, similar to a cat. This exercise is meant to build the lat muscles and to improve flexibility. You also get a great stretch.

John Carleo Advanced Workout

In the next phase of the Total Gym workout, John pulls his hands to his chest just as if he was using a straight bar.

John Carleo Advanced Workout

For the next motion, John changes the way he pulls back with his hands and puts his legs out straight. John says that this exercise is really great for stretching the hamstrings. It’s important to pull with your thumbs up and be sure not to add any weight to the Total Gym until you have mastered this exercise. Once mastered, you can start adding weight in 10- to 20-pound increments. Follow these steps and you will get better flexibility along with stronger lat muscles.

John Carleo Advanced Workout

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