Chuck Norris Reveals Secret To Success

Chuck Norris Reveals Secret To Success

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Today on Total Gym Pulse, we feature a behind the scenes clip with long time Total Gym user and brand ambassador Chuck Norris. In this segment, Chuck reveals his secret to success and describes the impact Martial Arts training has had in his life.

In this clip Chuck talks about his early years in the Air Force and how he learned to overcome his fear of public speaking. After winning seven World Championships, Chuck has enjoyed a very successful career as an actor, writer, columnist and philanthropist. He also teaches inner city kids Martial Arts for his foundation Kickstart Kids. Chuck believes the Martial Arts helps develop discipline and gives kids the confidence that they need to accomplish their goals through hard work and dedication. Chuck says the key to success is to never give up. He mentions there will always be obstacles in your way and when that happens you have two choices, quit or keep trying. Chuck says it is important to never give up because you never know when you will overcome the last obstacle in route to your goal.

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We would like to thank Chuck Norris for joining us on Total Gym Pulse and for his continued efforts to inspire the people. Look for more blog posts from Chuck soon. Stay Healthy!

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  1. Thank you Chuck! You are an inspiration to all. I lived in Park City and was security for your show when you filmed up here. Your singleness of purpose inspired me to become a total gym owner. Being a retired Bodyguard, injured on duty, I found this program to excell in both- physical therapy, and the maintenance of muscle structure. Thanks again Chuck, for the inspiration to regain and maintain a better quality of life. D.G.

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