Fabulous 10 Minute Workout For Women


Today’s blog post is for the ladies!!

With the holidays quickly coming up EVERYONE tends to lose time for their workouts! So I put together a quick 10-minute fat blasting routine to follow along with so that you can get a workout in on the fly.

When doing any quick workouts (under 30 minutes) here are some guidelines to follow.

  1. Do timed intervals instead of sets and reps

Intervals are the secret to rapid fat loss! You can build up a GREAT sweat and create awesome fat burning effects by using them.

Set your interval between 30-60 seconds and give 30-60 seconds of rest between body parts or position changes on your Total Gym.

  1. Do as many reps as you can in each interval

The goal to interval training is to complete as many reps as you SAFELY can do for the time period of the exercise. At first it will feel easy, but after a couple of minutes you will find that your heart rate starts to REALLY go up!

  1. Start a little lower then you think you can do

When you start doing an interval based workout, lower your levels at first! You will be doing a lot in a short amount of time and for safety reasons, so feel out how your body responds first before you go hard. If you need rest during interval take a second and then get right back to exercise. Interval training is meant to be uncomfortable so go at your own pace, but push your edge just a tiny bit.


Intervals are a GREAT way for women to get in quick workouts and see some results. Add them in to your Total Gym workout routines when you have a short amount of time to get a workout in or if you want rapid fat loss so that you get nice and lean without getting “bulky”.

Check out my website brianstotalgymlab.com for more tips about how to use your Total Gym for maximum results.

Brian Monnier

Brian Monnier is a Transformation Specialist from San Francisco Ca. He has taught Yoga, Martial Arts and worked with clients one on one for 25 years. He specializes in people new or returning to fitness and those who have chronic injuries or pain. He owned a yoga/fitness studio for 12 years in San Francisco and now is focusing on helping clients online.

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