FIT BLAST – Super-Powered Breakfast

Hey Total Gym Team.  I have a super healthy, delicious, simple to make treat for you today!

I call it my Power Breakfast. I was taught this recipe over 10 years ago by a holistic doctor whom I entrust with all of my health decisions. I have been eating it almost daily ever since. It really does the trick of keeping you satiated all morning, delivers a ton of energy and keeps you happy!

Let me get right to the recipe:

1/8 Cup of Steel Cut Oats – 75 calories, and a good source of fiber and protein

1 Tbsp. Ground Flax Seed – 37 calories, full of antioxidants and heart healthy Omega 3s

1 Tbsp. Nutritional Yeast – 20 calories, packed with 5 B vitamins. It’s a powerful brain food

1 Tbsp.  Ground Chia Seeds – 70 calories with more Omega 3s, B vitamins & 5 grams of fiber

At this point we’re only at 202 calories but because of all the protein and fiber, it truly sticks to your ribs and fills you up to aid in weight loss if that’s a goal of yours. 

Now when you add Total Gym’s Fit Blast, it becomes a Super-Duper Power Breakfast!  Before the geniuses at Total Gym introduced this awesome protein shake powder, I used to add GNC’s 100% whey protein powder. This is also a good source of protein but it has almost no nutritional value. In fact, the only nutrientional bleep on the radar is calcium at only 8% of the recommended daily allowance (RDA). 


Compare that to Total Gym’s Fit Blast Protein Powder’s percent of RDA on the following:

Vitamin A – 50%

Vitamin C – 50%

Calcium – 8%

Iron – 50%

Vitamin D – 50%

Vitamin E – 50%

Vitamin K – 50%

Thiamin – 50%

Riboflavin – 50%

Niacin –  50%

Vitamin B6 – 50%

Folate – 50%

B12 – 50%

Biotin – 50%

Pantothenic Acid – 50%

Phosphorous – 6%

Iodine – 50%

Magnesium – 4%

Zinc – 50%

Selenium – 50%

Copper – 50%

Mangenese – 50%

Chromium – 50%

Molybdenum – 50%

Wow! Now you can see why I call it a Super-Duper Power Breakfast. This is by far the best protein powder I’ve ever used!

A couple more reasons I love this breakfast recipe:

  • It is simple and quick to prepare and cook. I mix all the ingredients in a bowl the night before. When I get up, all I have to do is add about 1 cup of water, microwave it for about 2-3 minutes, and add my goodies (suggestions below). Make sure you view the video to see why I use the word “about”.
  • It’s so filling I usually eat about 6 – 7 bites for breakfast, first thing in the morning.  Then, I finish the rest after my workout about 4 hours later. This allows me to eat a later, lighter lunch which saves me a lot of calories when I’m looking to lose some weight and get lean OR splurge on my favorite pizza or pasta for dinner.

Finally, the FUN part – adding some goodies to make your personal taste buds dance and make it even more nutritious. I usually add fresh fruit, walnuts and my new favorite yogurt which is sinful but sinless at the same time. I periodically change these up to keep it fresh. Check out the video to see how easy it is to concoct as well as some more info on the ingredients and preparation.



JayDee Cutting III, MBA

JayDee Cutting III, MBA is an Educator for the American Council On Exercise and holds 12 fitness certifications including Pilates, yoga, personal training, lifestyle and weight management. JayDee is a Total Gym master trainer and spokesmodel since 2004. He lectured and taught wellness at Rancho La Puerta Fitness Spa and is featured in over 10 fitness DVDs and over 40 fitness television programs. He developed his own Coregolf Fitness Program and founded the NiceDogYoga Company. His mission statement is: “My passion is inspiring people to enhance their lives through wellness, creating healthier, happier, higher qualities of life.”

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