Five Simple Moves To Tighten Your Core


Five Simple Moves To Tighten Your Core

Maria Sollon of Groovy Sweat is back at Total Gym Pulseto show us five moves to tighten your core using The Total Gym. These moves are a great supplement to add to any workout. So without further ado, let’s begin!


The first exercise is a “Pullover Crunch.” Maria begins by laying on her back on The Total Gym glideboard with her arms straight up in the air and knees up. From here, bring your arms down your body and your hands down to your hips. This is a great exercise because it works all areas of the abdomen including the upper, middle and lower regions of the belly.




Next, Maria moves into “Straight Leg Lowers.” Keeping your arms extended straight out, put your legs together and lift them up to your hands and lower them back down. You want to come down only to the point where your lower back stays on your glide board. Maria says this exercise is very challenging but pays off with great results.




From here, we transition into the “Bicycle Crunch.” Complete this exercise by alternating leg lifts as you push your arms up and down. Be sure to lift your chest up when you come down with the arms.






The “V Sit Roll Up” is the fourth move in Maria’s series of five core tightening exercises. Roll your arms up and extend them out making for an amazing move that will work both your lower and upper abdominals.




Maria ends the workout with the final exercise, “Cable Chops.” Get into a kneeling position on the glideboard of The Total Gym. Maria likes to get into a high kneeling position because it challenges her core even more. With your hands together move to the side with a high chop then another chop from your lower region. This will work your lower and upper abdominals. This will also work your glutes and arms as well. Make sure to work both sides and for all exercises aim for 10 reps in 2 to 3 sets.





We would like to thank Maria for joining us today on Total Gym Pulse. Look out for more amazing Total Gym workouts coming from her soon!

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