Get Sexy In 6 Moves

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Get Sexy In 6 Moves

Today on Total Gym Pulse we feature Maria Sollon of Groovy Sweat who is going to show us how to get sexy in six moves using The Total Gym. These six moves will help you get trim, toned and sexy!

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The first move is a reverse lunge. Begin by facing away from the tower of The Total Gym and place one leg on top of the glide board. Put your arms up, keep your core engaged and go down into a full lunge. Do one leg for thirty seconds then transition to the other leg for thirty seconds.

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Next, Maria moves to a lateral lunge. Face to the side and keep one leg straight. Lift your arms up because it will keep your chest lifted and the core engaged. Press back and you will work your glutes, hamstrings and inner thighs. Again, do this on both legs for thirty seconds.

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The third move transitions to using the cables of The Total Gym. Begin by getting in a kneeling position with your back straight, chest out and core engaged. With your arms wide pull the cables to activate the muscles in your back. This will squeeze and activate your back as well as your shoulders.


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Moving on, Maria moves into a laying down position facing her belly on the glide board of The Total Gym. With both cables in hand, extend your arms back working both your lower back and triceps at the same time. To challenge yourself, move your legs outward during the arm extension. This is a great move to give your arms the tone and sexy look you desire!

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Maria then shows us a unique exercise to work the core. Lift your body into a plank position. Keep your core engaged with the shoulders on top of the wrists and begin a series of “Mountain Climbers” bringing each knee to the opposite arm. This is an excellent move to work the entire body. Do this exercise for one minute.

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Finally, Maria takes us through the last exercise of the series of six. Lay down on your back and lift your knees up. Open your arms up wide and move them in a “fly” motion. To increase the difficulty, move into an abdominal lift. Do this by lifting the abdominal up when the arms move to the side. Do this for one minute.


We would like to thank Maria for joining us today on Total Gym Pulse. Look out for more great workouts coming from her soon!

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