Goodbye Flab, Hello Fab – Rid Your Underarm Fat

5 Minute Trouble Zone Workout: Bat Wings (Underarm Fat – Sag)

Okay folks, nobody wants to be the victim of the dreaded underarm flab. I’m talking about the area right beneath your underarms. Go ahead…reach around and give yourself a hug. There it is!


This area is called the axilla or more specifically for our focus here the posterior axillary fold. It is home to sweat glands, lymph nodes, muscle, nerves and fat tissue. With weight gain it can appear bulgy and with weight loss it can get flabby. Sure you can try to hide it, but wouldn’t you rather lose that underarm jiggle?


I’ve always felt that this is one of the most difficult areas of the body to train so I’ve made it my mission to develop a routine that will bring your sexy back. And let’s be honest …who doesn’t want a sexy back? 


Goodbye Flab, Hello Fab

One of the awesome things about muscle is that it will take up space under the skin giving your back a more toned and defined look. Keep in mind that if you’ve got fat tissue sitting on top of your muscle you will need to deal with that as well. A healthy, clean and balanced diet should take care of it. Try this Eat Clean, Get Lean Diet and check out @dejinira for more recipes and workout tips.


batwings diet


Now we need to turn our attention away from the mirror and to our back side. We’re used to working what we see, but today we’re gonna start sculpting our backs with a low weight/high rep workout coupled with some fat-burning cardio. Time to get moving.


batwings exercises


If you’re not a water baby there are some other cardio workouts that are great for toning back muscles and burning fat. Check local gyms in your area and pop into a boxing, cardio kickboxing or rowing class.


And if you haven’t tried the new Total Gym Row Trainer, get on it. It’s amazing. Stay consistent and you should begin seeing some great results over the next few weeks.


As always, form is key to getting the most out of your workouts and avoiding injury. Here are some guidelines and safety tips to help you along the way.


Pull ups are one of the most challenging exercises to do and if not done properly they can be harmful. But don’t be discouraged. Take this challenge, you CAN do it. Start with a static hang, time it. Work your way up to a 30 second hold. This may take a week or two to accomplish, but don’t give up. Next, grab a step stool and do a cheater pull up. Take your feet off of the stool and lower yourself down as slowly as you can. In a couple more weeks you should be able to do an unassisted pull-up. While you’re working hard to accomplish one of the hardest exercises your back flab is going bye-bye.


When working in the water the resistance is fifteen times greater than on land. Use caution if you have shoulder injuries and avoid any additional resistance such as aquatic fitness gloves or aqua buoys.

Dejinira Lee

Dejinira Lee has been an ACE certified personal trainer, group fitness instructor and nutrition specialist since 1997. She received her education from UCLA’s specialized Fitness & Nutrition program and Tuft’s University for Total Nutrition. Dejinira is also a Total Gym GRAVITY Trainer, BOSU Master Trainer Levels I and II, and an ACE trained Clinical Exercise Specialist. She currently works with golfers, instructors and regular clients of all fitness levels, in both a Virtual and Studio setting, focusing on improving strength, range of motion, balance and agility. “I love meeting the different needs of my clients! It keeps my mind active and inspires me to keep learning. There’s no better feeling than hearing my clients say “I can’t believe I did that!”

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  1. Great thanks! I’ve been searching for some arm exercises that target that exact spot under my armpits! Thanks, I’m going to do these exercises!

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