How to Lose Belly Fat

How To Lose Belly Fat

John Peel Crunch

Personal Trainer John Peel is back with some great tips on how to lose your belly fat. Stubborn belly fat prevents many from achieving the “Six Pack” they desire. If you are one of these people, today is your lucky day! John will show you how to get that six pack look by using the Total Gym.

John Peel Leg Raise

John starts the exercise by lying down on The Total Gym with his legs straight out and arms above his head. From there, John brings everything in by touching his elbows to his knees. He compares this to a “suitcase closing” and from there extend your arms and legs back to their original positions. When you extend back down the lower abs will be burning. Once you bring the legs back up and squeeze, the upper abs will be going to work.

To make this workout more advanced hold your position longer when extended and do not let your legs touch the ground. John says this particular exercise isn’t easy but it’s fun, it works and it’s highly effective. He recommends this exercise to anyone who wants to lose belly fat and get the six pack they have always wanted.


In addition, to the workout John mentions that nutrition also plays a vital role in losing belly fat. Make sure to control your portion sizes and stay away from processed foods. Some foods to stick with are berries, nuts, lean meats, fish, oatmeal, whole grains and plenty of vegetables – to name just a few. In addition, try to limit your alcohol intake and drink plenty of water!

We would like to thank John Peel for showing us how to get the six pack we have always wanted using The Total Gym. Look for more great fitness tips from John exclusively on Total Gym Pulse!

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