How to Stay Motivated When It’s Hot Outside

When you use the Total Gym, your workout schedule never has to change with the seasons. That is the beauty of having access to a full gym 24 hours inside your home. Room temperature year round is exactly what made it easy for me to keep with my routine and be successful. I get up extra early to exercise on the Total Gym five days a week. I also love being active outside during the summertime. Take your Total Gym outdoor with you! Enjoy the fresh air, the sunrise or sunset while using the Total Gym. So anything extra that I do outside of my home is an added bonus! So many opportunities to get moving when you are out enjoying the warm summer months. Remember, do not just quit your workout routine just because it’s summer. We all know how hard it is to start and stop, over and over. Find fun activities that you can get your body moving so you don’t have to miss out on your health goals.

Swimming - Of course any activity that involves water would be perfect to burn some calories and stay cool.

Walk/Run – I like to walk or jog after my morning Total Gym workout. It is cooler out in the early morning and I can take my dog with me to enjoy the peaceful sounds of nature. It seriously is my favorite time of the day and I may get to see deer along the way. For some, listening to music or audio books can be super helpful to get you moving in the mornings. Others maybe, grab a friend and get walking!

Bike Riding - I love riding my bike of an evening. I get a cool breeze which is nice when you are already sweaty but still want to get some movement in outside. Plus this is an opportunity to get the whole family involved in fitness but in a fun way. Total Gym also offers the cyclo trainer attachment for all you bike enthusiast that like to stay indoors.

Yoga – You can seriously do yoga ANYWHERE! Take your yoga mat outdoor and see how it feels for you. Travel with a yoga mat so you can use it anytime and anyplace.

Rebounding - Not only is it healthy for your lymphatic system but it is easy on the joints. I promise it will bring out your inner child! Jump around and get healthy indoor or outdoor. Your kids won’t even know this is exercising!

Gym Class - Maybe you need a push to get started. Check out a fitness class at your local gym maybe kickboxing or Pilates. Working out with a group helps keep you motivated. This will get you out of the heat and keep you on track with your fitness goals.

Workout Videos - These days we all have access to the internet so find some fun workouts that interest you like dancing! You can do this indoor or outside! Get moving in a way that is fun and makes you excited to do it every day. So many options online and maybe you try something new that really works for you.

Travel Activity Bag - I keep a bag full of activities in my Jeep so anytime my daughter wants to go to the park I am ready. I pack a jump rope, frisbee, basketball, tennis rackets, and a volleyball. Build your own bag with things your family loves it will get you all moving more.

Playtime - Playing with your kids is exercise! Bonus, right! From running back in forth through the sprinkler or slip in slide to maybe a water balloon fight, all will burn calories while having a blast at the same time.

Yard work - You may not consider working outside an official workout but it definitely counts. Mowing the yard, washing the car, gardening all is physical labor so count that as movement. The more we can move the bodies the better.

Sometimes you just need an accountability partner, someone to push you when you find it hard to show up for yourself. It is important to make our health a priority. Ask a friend to join you on your fitness journey, maybe take a gym class together, a walk, or even share your Total Gym with them. Sharing my Total Gym is what got me in the shape I am in today. Find what it is that you love to do and do more of that. We always forget Vitamin F, FUN! It will grow and stretch you into a healthier mindset and taking a friend along will be a blessing. Set up your environment for success:

Have your workout clothes set out the night before so you are ready to get up and go. Dress for the weather, loose clothing, wear a hat and sunscreen.

Stay hydrated by taking a water bottle with you everywhere you go. You will be more likely to drink it if you have it available plus save the environment by not buying bottled water. Start and end your day with water. A simple solution to finding the correct amount of water intake is to drink half your body weight in ounces. So if you weigh 150lbs you would need to drink 75 ounces of water. Keep in mind if you sweat a lot then you may need to add more. Start by simply adding in one glass extra a day until you reach your goal. Fruit is another great way to stay hydrated in the summer. I love watermelon! Keep a ready to eat fruit tray in the refrigerator each week to help you not only stay hydrated but benefit the whole family.

Music is a driving force for sure! Who doesn’t get moving to the Rocky theme song! Get your playlist ready and zone out to your favorites tunes that will get you pumped.

Once you figure out what movement you love the most, plan out how many days a week you are going to commit to doing it. If it is 3 days then write it down on your personal calendar. Find a special quote that resonates with you and post it on your bathroom mirror and say it out loud each morning to remind you why your health is important.

A few quotes that I love are:

“I know what giving up looks like, I want to see what happens when I don’t.”

“I CAN and I Will.” “You are worth it.”

When it comes to health, quality of life is everything. We get to choose how we take care of ourselves. We decide daily if we will eat nutritious foods and exercise. We get an amazing opportunity each day to either create a healthy life or self-sabotage it. I want to be healthy for my family and also teach my daughter to do the same. I hope these tips will get you staying active and enjoying the rest of your summer. Let me know how you stay fit in the summer!

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Cassandra Kurpiel
Total Gym Brand Ambassador

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