The Best Total Gym Triceps Workout

Best Tricep Exercises

Did you know some of the best triceps exercises can be done on the Total Gym? Triceps often get overlooked due to the glamorization of the bicep but the triceps make up two thirds of your arm! It’s crucial to work every area possible to keep the muscles in your arm proportionate. Joining us once again on Total Gym Pulse is fitness trainer John Peel who shows us some outstanding triceps exercises using the Total Gym.


Total Gym Exercises

The first triceps exercise John shows us is called the Kick Back or The Horse Shoe because that’s what your triceps will start to look like after you do this exercise. Start the exercise by sitting on the Total Gym glide in a crouched position leaning forward on your knees. He tells us to get our shoulders and elbows up high tucked in tight to our body. Extend your arms back, squeezing the triceps, then bring them back down slowly. When you get your arms back in the original position reverse the grip and do the same motion. Continue alternating the grip every repetition until your set is over.


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Total Gym John Peel

Next, John shows us an exercise for after you’ve completed the triceps workout. The easy transition between the two exercises showcases an advantage of the Total Gym. For this shoulder exercise, sit up on your knees, bring your elbows up high and pull the cables to chin level. Once the cables are at chin level, lift your arms back creating a ninety-degree angle at the elbows.


This works the rotator cuffs. John cautions us to use the low incline setting when first starting out with this exercise. The rotator cuff is very prone to injury, which is why it is important to strengthen them carefully using body weight exercises on a low incline setting. Once you’ve completed about 15 reps of this rotator cuff exercise, you can move on to the next one.


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Staying in the same position put your arms straight in front of you and then pull your hands toward your ears so that they’re about forty-five degrees out. This not only hits the triceps, but it’s also a great workout for the lats and shoulders. This exercise may burn but it will help you sculpt your arms and have you looking beach-body ready for in no time!


We would like to thank John Peel for once again showing us an amazing workout we all can do from the comfort of our own homes on the Total Gym. Look for more great workout tips coming from John soon, exclusively on Total Gym Pulse!


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  1. Really glad to see you talking about working the rotor cuffs. This is so important. I have lots of friends that have injured themselves because they neglect to work these.

  2. I struggled with finding a good tricep exercise for me. Whatever I was doing wasn’t cutting it.
    Thank you John Peel for your “Best Tricep Exercises” blog. It works and it works fast!

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