Top Foods to Help Boost Your Immunity

Beat the Flu with These 7 Immunity Boosting Foods

immunity boosting foods
It’s the time of year where it seems as though everywhere you look there is someone sniffling or sneezing. You find yourself washing your hands every hour and covering as much as your body as possible with antibacterial lotion. However, did you know that there really aren’t any more germs during cold and flu season? It’s our immune system that tends to be more run down and susceptible to sickness. This cold and flu season, incorporate these 7 foods to help boost your immune system and keep you and your family healthy!


Ginger is known for settling upset stomachs, but it also has anti-microbial properties. This means it kills the bacteria that make us sick. Try adding diced ginger to your evening stir-fry, or mix it into your morning smoothie to keep your immune system strong!


Garlic increases the efficiency of anti-body production, which is our body’s natural sickness defense system. It is most effective when raw, so try making garlic pesto to use as a spread on sandwiches, or on top of cooked chicken.


Honey contains polyphenols, which help stimulate your immune system so you can ward off viruses and stay healthy. Swap out your sugar or agave in your morning tea with honey to help boost your immune system.


Lemons are chock-full of vitamin C and are also extremely alkalizing. Sickness thrives in an acidic environment so the more alkaline we make in our body, the harder it is for viruses to survive. Try kicking off your day with a glass of warm water and the juice of half a lemon.


Although oysters might not be your first choice when feeling the flu coming on, they contain an important mineral called selenium. Selenium helps the white blood cells produce proteins that fight off flu-causing viruses. If oysters aren’t your thing you can also find selenium in tuna and Brazil nuts.


Kombucha, and other fermented foods, contain live cultures called probiotics. Probiotics help keep your gut healthy and moving as it should! With 60-70% of your immune system in your gut, a healthy gut is the key to a healthy you! Other rich probiotic foods include yogurt, kefir and sauerkraut.

Green Tea

Besides soothing a sore throat, green tea is also a great source of L-theanine. L-theanine helps your killer T-cells produce compounds that fight germs. During cold and flu season I cut up lemons and drizzle with honey. I keep a small container of lemons in my refrigerator so I can quickly grab a slice and throw it into my green tea. It both sweetens my tea and creates an immune boosting trifecta in a moment’s notice!

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Do you use any of these suggestions to stay healthy during cold and flu season? Let us know what works best for you in the comments below!

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