Mix it Up! Benefits to Switching Up Your Workout Routine

Switching Up Your Total Gym Routine video

We have all heard the popular saying “change can be a good thing”. This statement could not be truer when it comes to switching up a workout routine. Sometimes we know we need a change, but it can be challenging and a little overwhelming to think about how to go about it. To give you a little inspiration and guidance here are just a few benefits to mixing up your routine.

For starters, you are much more likely to keep up with workouts when exercise continues to be challenging and fun! This is where the Total Gym comes in handy with over 250 exercises that can be performed on the machine. Also, by changing up a workout routine you’ll be able to burn more calories by challenging your body in a new way, which in turn could lead to weight loss. Once you start building your muscles by performing different exercises, you might start to feel ready to take on new physical activities.

Not only is exercise good for the body, it is also good for the mind. Challenging oneself to learn new skills may contribute to better brain health. Another important reason is to avoid overusing your muscles and potentially causing injuries. Mixing up your workout gives tired muscles and joints an opportunity to rest and recover, allowing for essential healing time.

As a reminder, performing a 10-15 minute warm-up of cardio exercise prior to doing any strength training exercises is ideal. This means getting your heart rate up and breaking a sweat! Jogging in place or on a treadmill, riding a bike, or using a stair climber are all great options.

Total Gym Exercises to Target Multiple Muscle Groups

Varied Squat Combinations

Targets: quadriceps, glutes, hamstrings, groins, abs

2 sets of 10-15 reps recommended

  • Squat with a high jog
  • Plyometric squat with a kick out
  • Plyometric squat while arms lift upwards

Upright Supine, lying with back on the glideboard, cables attached

Targets: external abs and oblique muscles

2 sets of 10-15 reps recommended

  • One leg alternating with opposite arm extensions, feet lifted off the glideboard
  • Scissor kicks, feet lifted off the glideboard
  • Overhead triceps press, feet on the glideboard

Seated backward on the glideboard, facing the tower, cable attached, with a handle in each hand

Targets: Lats, trapezius, deltoids, rhomboids, biceps

2 sets of 10-15 reps recommended

  • Unilateral row with single arm extension
  • Row with forward stretch
  • Reverse fly with angle variations (Deltoids, trapezius, rhomboids)

Seated forward on the glideboard, face the squat stand, cable attached, with a handle in each hand

Targets: Deltoids, pectoralis major, trapezius mid/lower

2 sets of 10-15 reps recommended

  • Frontal raise with combined moves

Kneeling laterally in the middle of the glideboard, facing to one side, cable attached, with one hand holding the front handle

Targets: Biceps, triceps, lats

2 sets of 10-15 reps recommended

  • Bicep curl with overhead reach

Some believe it is best to change up a workout routine on a daily basis, and perform different types of workouts each day. For most, change can be tough, so mixing in a new workout every two to four weeks may have more positive results than no change at all. The body has to work harder when making a change from something you’re used to!

Now go channel your inner Chuck Norris and try out these Total Gym moves!

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Cara Beltran

Cara Beltran, CPT, is a NCCPT certified trainer, GRAVITYTrainer, and tennis teaching professional. She completed her undergraduate degree from the University of California at Berkeley where she competed on the women’s tennis team throughout college. Her fitness experience has also included working as the Education and Training Coordinator for Total Gym Global Corporation. Cara currently works as a GRAVITYTrainer for the YMCA of San Diego, where she enjoys teaching classes and encouraging her students to reach their strength and fitness goals. She enjoys inspiring those around her to stay active and be the best that they can be.

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