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Personal Trainer Workouts: John Peel

Meet Total Gym user John Peel. John is a former college football star, fitness model and trainer who has a passion for personal training, and likes to share his knowledge and tips learned during a life of staying fit. John will be bringing a series of Total Gym fitness tips to Total Gym Pulse.

John Peel Workout

In this segment, John takes our viewers through a series of exercises designed to blow up the arms that he calls “gun-believables.” John starts the exercise by sitting up on his knees and keeping his back straight. John notes that it is important to keep good posture during this exercise. With your palms up, hold the handles and begin to squeeze up to work the biceps. John suggests doing 12-15 reps before transitioning to the next exercise.

John Peel Workout

After you’re done with the biceps, crouch down and lock your elbows into a 90 degree angle and begin kicking back your arms to work the triceps. From there you can switch back and forth from biceps to triceps for an intense muscle-building workout.

John Peel

John also shows how you can reverse your grip on both the biceps and triceps to make for an even better workout. This is a great way to get the arms you’ve always dreamed of and build confidence. Wear the tank tops you’ve always wanted to and feel good about yourself by shaping your arms on the Total Gym.

John Peel

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