Popular Workout Trends for Fall

Fall Fitness: The Top Workout Trends

Total Gym Gravity Classes

This is an exciting time for fitness and wellness because we’re living longer and in the midst of all the chaos in the world, we can at least control taking care of ourselves. No longer can we use the excuse “exercise is boring” because there truly is something for everyone. There are plenty of new and exciting exercise trends for you to explore and hopefully they’re available in your area. The list below is by no means exhaustive, but it should give you an idea of what’s trending.

The Total Gym

Let’s start with the Total Gym, an all in one option for efficiently and effectively strengthening every muscle group. I cannot stress how effective this simple-to-use machine is at helping you fulfill your exercise goals. Total Gym offers two options, the in-home Total Gym and the studio based GRAVITY units.

These machines recruit multiple muscle groups in synergy allowing you to dynamically pull your own weight. It is truly the most efficient way to train. The GRAVITY Studio classes combine strength training on the Total Gym with a selection of additional functional training equipment for a progressive model of fitness training for all ages and ability levels.

Bar Method

Another trend is The Bar Method class. This patented exercise program involves very little weights and focuses on using your own body weight to burn calories and tone muscles. Repetition of movements is a key theme with small isolated squats, arm moves and push-ups to make you unexpectedly feel the burn. The one-hour class is gentle to the joints while strengthening the muscles that support them, making it an ideal format for those compromised by joint issues. You many find a variation of this class at your local gym.

Spin for the 21st century

As a fitness instructor for over 15 years, the one class I’ve been avoiding is spin (or group exercising on a stationary bike). I experienced ADD every time I got on a bike because I found it boring. With the advent of chains like SOULCYCLE and Flywheel, this exercise format has new life with great music, choreography and fun instructors. In Atlanta there’s a hip-hop version that combines rhythm and strength to provide an interesting layer for those who want more out of their spin class.

Peloton is another spin variation, and a preview to the next next trend – online fitness. Peloton sells state of the art stationary bikes that allow the owner to virtually participate in a live class from anywhere in the world using Wi-Fi. It provides a choice of classes and instructors who, in addition to monitoring the live class, can monitor your settings and call you out. Yikes! If you can’t take the live class you can go into the archives and take the class at your convenience.

Online Fitness Classes

Online fitness platforms are offering every type of class imaginable. Crunch Gym, debuted their site Crunch Live in November 2013 with plans to expand the content library in 2014.

“We feel strongly that the real future for the at-home workout market is in a digital experience, especially given the digital streaming capabilities of televisions and the prevalence of devices like Apple TV,” says Christina DeGuardi, Senior Vice President of Marketing, Branding, and Communications at Crunch. ”We believe that what we do at Crunch is unique and special, and now we are able to share it with more and more people outside of our brick and mortar establishments.”

As more and more boutique fitness studios and specialized classes pop up online, offering consumers the option to choose when and where they work out, expect to see more major gyms following suit. Click here for a sampling of available on-line classes including the previously mentioned The Bar Method.

Rowing Classes

Row classes on rowing machines are another trend, but they may be more difficult to locate due to the investment of equipping a space for classes. Like the Total Gym, row machines are gentle on the joints but provide a cardio burst while working multiple muscle groups. Row machines have been upgraded for the 21st century, as well, with pumping music and energetic instructors pushing you to the limit. Hollywood celebrity converts include Jason Statham, Zac Efron, and Josh Hutcherson. Those in the know say it’s set to become the hip, new king of cardio.

Lastly, there is a trend towards brain-based exercising that incorporates cognition-building challenges and specific movement patterns to improve brain function – like balance and coordination. Examples include multi-direction ladder drills and walking a balance beam. These types of exercises are especially poignant as the baby boom population ages.

The above offerings are exciting but come with a price. A SoulCycle class will set you back over $30 and The Bar Method will set you back around $25 per class. However, the online trend is making these classes more affordable and accessible and provides another rebuttal to the excuse not to exercise. Given the above trends, it’s a good time to start exercising.

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