Fat Burning Workout Day 3

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Miss Fitness America Sherry Goggin joins us on Total Gym Pulse to conclude her 3 day fat burning working program using The Total Gym!


Sherry begins by sitting on her knees on the glide board with cables in hand as she prepares for a bicep curl. Sherry demonstrates a regular bicep curl, alternating bicep curl and hammer curls throughout this position.



Leaning forward and bringing her arms to her side, Sherry moves into a tricep kickback exercise.Kick your arms straight back and bring them back forward in a controlled movement. fatburn3-3



Turn around on the glideboard and work your triceps from a different angle using a similar motion as before.






Sherry moves her arms above her head and beings doing overhead tricep presses. Be sure to keep your arms straight – form is important.








Switching the grip on the cables, Sherry goes into a chest press. Squeeze your chest as you push the cables out – this movement will work your chest muscles. Keep your back straight and chest out throughout the movement.





Next, Sherry changes her grip once again and beings the chest fly exercise. Extend your arms out wide and bring your hands to the center for 10 reps.


Sherry concludes the workout with an exercise that focuses on the lower chest. Keep your palms up and have your arms at your side bringing your hands once again to the center.


We would like to thank Sherry for joining us today on Total Gym Pulse. Be sure to try her three day fat burning workout on The Total Gym to get your body bikini ready for the summer!




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