Sexy Toned Arms and Back with Sherry Goggin

Defining the Arms and Back with Sherry Goggin

Ready to get your arms and back beach body ready and toned this Summer for a new sexy look? Fitness America National Champion Sherry Goggin joins us once again on Total Gym Pulse to show us a great workout to build definition in your arms and back using The Total Gym.

Sherry Goggin Bicep Curl on the Total Gym

The first exercise Sherry starts with is a bicep curl. Start by sitting on your knees on the Total Gym glide bar and grab ahold of both cables with your palms up. Pull the cables up to the level of your shoulders in a curling motion squeezing both bicep muscles and be sure to keep your elbows by your side. Sherry recommends starting with one set of 12­-15 and as you get stronger work your way up to three sets of 12-­15. Also, make
sure to control your breathing during this exercise to enhance the quality and stamina of your workout.

Next, Sherry demonstrates an exercise to work the back. Staying in the same position, lean forward and face your palms down. Keep your arms straight and push them straight down causing your body to rise up on The Total Gym. Come back down and repeat the motion. Squeeze your muscles tight and remember to stay slow and controlled throughout the exercise. Again, Sherry recommends doing a set of 12-­15 reps and increasing the number of sets you do as you build strength.

Sherry Goggin Lat Pull over on the Total Gym

Sherry Goggin Lat Pull over on the Total Gym

Remember, the path to getting the nicely sculpted muscles for your body isn’t going to happen overnight. However, if you dedicate yourself and stick to steady workout plan, alongside proper nutrition and rest, you can achieve your fitness goals. The Total Gym is a phenomenal tool to get ladies ready for their bikinis and gentlemen for their tank tops this Summer!

Sexy Toned Arms and Back with Sherry Goggin

We would like to thank Sherry Goggin for joining us on Total Gym Pulse showing us yet another amazing workout on The Total Gym. If you have any questions about the workout you just saw or anything else for Sherry or Total Gym, please comment below. Thank you for joining us and see you next time on Total Gym Pulse!

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