Terri’s Fitness Journey Update – April

It’s now 9 months that I have been using my Total Gym and this month just flew by so fast! I missed a couple of workout days due to feeling a little yukky and then slacked on a day because I got out of my routine. I am a person that can very quickly get out of routine. That’s one reason why I do the challenges, the #200workouts, and keep a journal, because it’s just way to easy for me to procrastinate and make excuses. Interestingly, I find that what food I put into my body correlates to my exercise level. This month I didn’t eat the best – we had some Easter candy about and a few pizzas. Once I went back to healthier eating the schedule just came back. (thank goodness)

Last month I moved the gym equipment into the smaller bedroom and had the best intentions of getting more done, but the bed is still here and taking up space. I did purchase new curtains (which match my FIT, of course) and the color scheme will be yellows, black, gray and white. While I’m only in the room for an hour a day, I would like to get this done to check it off the to-do list and organize it so we’re not walking into equipment all the time.

April Updates:
  • I’m at day 160 of my personal #200 workouts
  • Up 2 pounds to make a total of 10 pounds down (ugh)
  • Down 4.25 inches, totaling 29.75 inches lost

  • This month's focus was on my lower body workout. I purchased the tall squat stand, and that stand really makes a difference. You have a larger area for the placement of your feet, which turns each placement into a totally different exercise. I also watched my form and made sure to take the squat all the way to the bottom each time and realized that in the past I was not performing that as well. While doing my squats I decided to incorporate using other pieces of exercise equipment that I never use. The medicine ball still gets used every day while I’m on the squat board and I started using the Pilates ring. I had that ring for a few years and only used it a few times, so I tried using it between my knees while squatting. What a killer! I perform different variations, but my favorite is to squat and do 5 pulses with the ring, come back up and do another 5 pulses with the ring until I reach 100. This is great for the inner thighs! I also incorporated another one of Rosalie Brown’s workouts with the Cyclotrainer 2 and pedal for a 15 count and then raise up into a bridge for another 15 count. Rosalie does 10 sets. I’m finally up to 4 because I do this at the end of my workout and my muscles are tired!

    We did a LOT of gardening this past month as it is such an important time of year to get the soil ready for planting and general clean up. One thing I like about my early morning workout is that I can come home from work and spend an hour or two out in the yard and not have to worry about still getting a workout in. My workouts are making me stronger and I noticed that this year that I have more stamina for shoveling and raking.

    Below is the list of exercises that I am currently doing. The ones in bold font are ones that I added in over the past month.
    Goals for last month:
  • add in 2 more exercises to the routine - CHECK

  • eat healthy (low carbs – healthy carbs) – Didn’t do so good
  • Goals for last month:
  • eat healthy (low carbs – healthy carbs)

  • back to a solid 5 days a week of workouts

  • Come follow my progress monthly this year! See you next month!

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