Total Gym Addicts, Kimberly’s Story

My name is Kimberly, I’m 43 years old and thanks to Total Gym I can see my muscles for the first time!

One year ago, April 2018, I began my journey at 242 pounds, size 3x shirt, and size 20 pant. Today, I am 165 pounds, a size Medium shirt, and a size 8 pant.
My head was in a fog. My memory was horrible. My motivation was non-existent. I hated looking in the mirror. Clothes - any clothes, just felt wrong. I felt like I’d succumbed to what was expected of a 40-year old. I felt irrelevant.

But I wasn’t irrelevant. In March I decided my desire to change was going to win over my desire to do nothing. I was getting ready to travel in April, but made a promise to myself that when I got back I was changing this.

I started home workouts, following videos from YouTube and Instagram. I tweaked my diet for about 6 months and found what works for me. I don’t do plans or shakes. I needed to find something sustainable-something I could do anywhere, any time.

In August, I started searching for a weight bench. I came across a Total Gym advertisement and read the reviews. I couldn’t believe the amazing things people were saying about it! And most of the reviewers were my age or older. 

I jumped and bought a Total Gym 1900. After months of researching Total Gym exercises, I finally started using it regularly in November and have had nothing less than extraordinary results. In my previous attempts at exercising I dreaded workout equipment like ellipticals and treadmills because they bored me. But with my Total Gym workouts there is a relationship that promises to give you back 10x what you put into it. That may be what makes every work out so fun. 

The journey, and the joy it has brought me, ignited a purpose in me to pursue an education in Fitness and Nutrition- specializing in Functional Aging. I have found a deep desire to help others my age and older find their hope too (and muscles!). Later I would like to work with people with special needs and children- encouraging them to move and understand how food works with the body. My vision is to accomplish the fitness part of this with Total Gym equipment! You can visit and share in this kaleidoscope journey with me on Instagram @kimberly_is_fit_af_after_forty 

Currently my favorite style of workout is Tabata on my Total Gym Fit. Eight 20 second rounds with 10 second rests in between.

My favorite leg exercises utilize the leg pulley system. I leave this for last because the stretch feels so amazing! It’s the dessert of my leg day workout!!

12-15 reps for each leg (No Tabata)

Hamstring Pull
Side Lying Inner Thigh Pull
Hamstring Pull with Large Side Curls forward
Hamstring Pull with Large Side Curls reverse
Hamstring Curl
Straight Leg Lift

Repeat for other side

Workout developed by a Total Gym user, not a fitness professional

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