Terri’s Fitness Journey Update – May

I’ve been using my Total Gym for ten months now and I didn’t think that I would have a lot to report, but surprise, my workout room is now complete! Two months ago, I moved the gym equipment into the smaller bedroom and had a bed leaning up against the wall taking up valuable space. We were able to finally have the Township take the bed items away, one per week, with our trash service. My husband then created a design to turn this small 8 x 10 room into a usable gym for us. 8 x 10 is not a lot of room to have equipment in, so to get it all done we needed to be creative.

One thing that I really love is the wall with my Total Gym workout cards hung on it. I hung strips of corkboard with Command strips (which were very sturdy and stayed on well) on the wall. Then I picked the cards that I currently use and ones that I want to use in future workouts and hung them on the corkboard so they are easy to refer to. It’s also great wall décor.

The walls are painted in the Total Gym FIT colors of yellow, black and gray, and the paints that we used are:

  • Yellow – Sunspark, (Valspar Sunshine line)
  • Gray – Stone Mason Gray (Valspar Sunshine line)
  • Black – Cracked Pepper

  • In this month’s video there is a new featured item; a Total Gym XLS I rescued from Facebook Marketplace! Being a 6-foot-tall person, I’ve always been interested in the XLS machine since I knew that it was a larger machine with a longer glideboard. The video also shows the rehabilitation and items I used to clean up the machine and I’m happy with the way it turned out. We contacted Total Gym Direct and obtained a new glideboard to replace the one that came with the unit that was in poor shape, and they were amazing to work with. If you need any Total Gym part, it can be ordered through them.

    May Updates:
  • I’m at day 170 of my personal #200 workouts
  • Down 3 pounds to make a total of 13 pounds down
  • Down 1 inch, totaling 30.75 inches lost

  • This month I didn’t get in as many workouts as planned since the room was torn apart, so I stuck with my regular full body workout without significant changes. I increased the ab crunches to 100 each time and did 50 front facing and 25 sideways on the left and right side each.

    Below is the list of exercises that I am currently doing. The ones in bold font are ones that I added in over the past month.

    Goals for last month:
  • Eat healthy (low carbs – healthy carbs) – CHECK
  • Back to a solid 5 days a week of workouts – FAIL, due to room renovation

  • Goals for next month:
  • Back to solid 5 days a week of workouts
  • Don’t step on the scale for a whole month

  • Come follow my progress monthly this year!

    See you next month!

    Workout developed by a Total Gym user, not a fitness professional

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    1. Thank you, Terri, you are an inspiration! I have done much the same thing (minus the paint color) by converting my office/bedroom combo to now my office/gym since we were not using the extra bed & I needed room for my TG to be left out & open all the time. My question is regarding the cork strips. I understand the concept but can’t see the configuration you used when hanging the strips. Are you hanging them horizontally end to end?? or vertical?? Please explain and/or post a picture to clarify. Other than having a little bit larger room, I am nearly identical to your setup. I will be 70 in June and am still coming back from a broken pelvis/total right hip replacement in 2015. After all my PT and one year gym membership, I decided I wanted a Total Gym of my own here at home. It’s been a godsend!! Thanks again for your inspiration!!

      1. Hi Molly, I’m having difficulty adding a picture to this post. I bought 36 inch long/3 inch wide cork strips and hung them in rows (2 per row) with about 10 between the rows. I used command strips – 1 on each end to hang them on the wall and they are really sticking well. Then I just used push pins to hang the cards. Originally I was going to put one card layer on each strip but ended up wanting to hang too many cards. So each strip has two layers of cards with the push pins ( a challenge to hang). In hindsight I would look for something wider than 3 inches. They also sell really large segments of cork that maybe an entire wall could be corked. Let me know how you do! If you are a member of the Total Gym Addict Facebook Group I do have a picture of it in the group. 🙂

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