Terri’s Fitness Journey Update July 2019

No guilt – the gym will always be there

It’s been hot, humid, and muggy in Pennsylvania, which I intensely dislike (aka hate). Summer is my least favorite season of the year. (I have friends who love this weather, which I just cannot fathom. But then, they get pretty annoyed at me when I get all ramped up for freezing weather and a good snowstorm.) Since it’s been so hot, I’ve been spending my early morning time prior to work in my garden because that has been the nicest time of the day caring for plants, harvesting and pulling weeds. Over the weekend, I can be outside in the garden most of the day by moving to all the shady spots. The time that I am spending doing this is normally my workout time, and I’ve been feeling a bit guilty because here I am doing a blog for Total Gym and I’ve not been using the gym on a regular schedule for the past few weeks.

Just recently I saw a Facebook post covering the topic of not feeling guilty and that the gym will always be there. Nice weather is a time when people go on vacation, do more outdoor activities like biking, hiking, running and walking….or yard work and gardening, and that’s ALL some sort of exercise. The older I get the more careful I am in hot weather, so I’m picking and choosing what I’m going to be doing in a day and not trying to prove that I’m superwoman anymore and get it all done. My gym will always be there (both of them) and I can work out any time that I choose, and that’s what I love about the Total Gym.

I have been using my Total Gym for almost a year (August 2nd anniversary date) and I’ve really been enjoying the new workout room. The card wall has been so inspirational, and we look at it every time that we work out. After using the room for a few weeks, I moved some things around to make the room a bit more effective. I folded up the XLS temporarily and brought the rebounder into the room. Previously the rebounder had been in a different room in the house and it didn’t get used as often as I would have liked. It’s a super tight fit in the small 8 x 10 room, but I’m making it work. I also plan on taking it outside on the cement sometime and really get some jumping in because I’ve never done that.

My new plan is to create a circuit incorporating the Total Gym, Simply Fit Board, Gazelle, and the rebounder (thanks to some ideas from fellow Total Gym Addict and Total Gym Ambassador Adam Schaus). I’ve been doing the same routine now for almost a year and it’s time to switch things up because I feel like I’m in a bit of a stalemate with my progress. Since I don’t have AC in my workout room, and it gets a bit hot, I’ll start off slow through the summer and then really accomplish more as the weather cools off.

Check out my garden on the video and I’ll see you next month!

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