Total Gym Addict – Cassandra’s STEP Workout

If you are looking for some fun cardio exercises using your Total Gym then look no more, I have 5 moves that will have your heart pumping and fat burning! I love using the Total Gym Step, as I call it my “Tigger” stand for plyometric jumps. The Total Gym STEP takes my workouts to a higher level with the added energy-absorbing springs. The STEP is a great addition to your Total Gym because it is springy, easy on joints, and low impact on knees. It also has separate placement for each foot which is great for single leg plyometric jumps.

I am a self- proclaimed Total Gym attachment junkie because each one targets a specific area. This STEP is at the top of my “must have” list and is available for almost all Total Gym models. The ability to jump around effortlessly really brings out the kid in you. I never get bored with mixing up these fun sweat your booty off moves. Not only do these exercises burn calories, but they will strengthen and tone the muscles in your legs and glutes and also help build strong bones. We can start to lose bone mass by the age of 40! So, grab your Total Gym Step stand, hit play, and bounce along with me for an intense cardio blast workout!

Add these 5 exercises into your favorite workout or do them all together for a quick cardio blast that will tone you up and attack fat!

Aim for 1 min of each exercise and feel free to add in basic squats as a recovery in between as needed. For a quick workout do all 5 exercises, 1 min each, 3 times through. Beginners, start with 10 to 15 reps of each and modify as needed.

*Cardio Jog – Ramp it up by adding in arms or ab twists.

*Squat jump with Crunch – Crunch up as you squat down.

*Split Jump with Crunch – Crunch up as you split jump.

*Alternating Single Leg Knee Grab – Crunch up as you reach to grab the knee, these take practice.

*Low Frog with Ab Twist – Fire up those inner thighs and glutes and make sure to cardio jog for recovery.
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  1. going to gym is great for healthy life some peoples are addict to gym like some of my friends and yes they make their body very attractive and good looking

  2. Hi Cassandra,

    I was just wondering how you started using your total gym at the beginning? Did you follow the dvd’s or kinda do your own thing? Need some help on where to start or get a routine going. Not sure if it’s easier to do split workouts or full body everyday? Trying to lose 50 pounds.


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