The Best Way To Work Your Chest

The Best Way To Work Your Chest

Get Fit Over 40 founder Mike Kaye joins Total Gym Pulse again to show us the best way to work your chest using The Total Gym Home Exercise Machine. The chest muscles make up some of the largest muscles in the upper body. Since these muscles are larger they can handle more weight which leads to burning more calories. Working your chest will also work and warm up other areas of the body such as your arms and shoulders.


Mike begins the workout with a standard bench press. Make sure your arms are out and set back deep away from your body. From here push forward and extend them all the way. You don’t want to be leaning too far back or forward but rather straight up during this exercise. Toward the end, you can even work one arm at a time. What’s nice about this exercise is you will also be hitting your core and abdominal region in addition to the chest.


Staying in the same position, Mike transitions into a “Chest Fly” exercise by moving his arms out. Try to go back as deep as you can during in this motion. This is great for flexibility, shoulder mobility and helps build against joint issues.


Moving on, Mike demonstrates the next exercise. Start by reversing your grip, putting your palms face up. Stretch your arms back and bring them straight up. This will work the top of your chest. Mike brings his arms in closer showing a revision of the exercise working more the center of the chest.

Finally, Mike ends the workout by demonstrating the “Iron Cross” exercise. Not only will this work your chest but it will also give your back a good workout as well. Begin by lying on your back and sliding your position down on the glide board. Keep your arms straight and move them out forming a “cross” and bring them back down to your side. If you want to hit your chest even more move your arms out in front.


We would like to thank Mike for joining us today and showing us a great workout for the chest. If you would like to learn more about Total Gym so you can do a workout similar to what you saw today, please visit us at Total Gym Direct. Look out for more great workouts coming from Mike soon!



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